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[Shanghai] Ideal Home Show

BritCham / CBBC
Event type Show
Date Thursday, December 14th, 2017 to Sunday, December 17th, 2017
Time 09:00 - 17:00
Open for All welcome
Contacts xing.zhao@media-ten.cn
Venue World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center
Organiser External
Address 1099 Guozhan Lu Address in Chinese: 国展路1099号
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Ideal Home Show will debut in China from December 14 to 17 this year, at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. This international consumer event founded in 1908 with over 70 million cumulative visitors will officially meet the local consumers. It will set up 6 experiential sections including Home Renovation, Home Decoration, Smart Home, Fashion and Beauty, Food & Drink as well as Modern Family. With thousands of products of over 300 brands from more than 20 countries, the event is going to concentrate on local middle-class families’ lifestyles from a range of perspective and bring new ideas to local young couples and families.

Ideal Home Show has a history of ambassador collaboration, including Gregg Wallace, food critic and co-presenter of Master Chef on BBC; George Clarke, renowned architect and television presenter, as well as Laurence Bowen, well-known interior designer. Ideal Home Show Shanghai also unveiled three local ambassadors – distinguished architect- Shuhei Aoyama, celebrity Hu ke celebrated interior designer Ben Wu, and famous international stylist Andy Koh, to respectively present Home Renovation, Home Decoration, and Fashion and Beauty. All of the three ambassadors are participating in the grand event to share the latest home and living philosophies for domestic middle-class families to build their ideal homes. 
Moreover, they will attend the event to share with consumers useful tips for improving life quality. Additionally, more than 50 special guests from China and abroad will be on site to join discussions and share thoughts on topics about their respective fields, such as noted designer Jamy Yang, chocolatier Willie Harcourt-Cooze, interior color consultant Lisbeth Larsen, key opinion leader on green and healthy life Markovic Neobojsa, just to name a few. 
本次上海“梦想家生活方式展”将于今年 12月14日至17日登陆中国上海世博展览馆。活动 将设立6大互动体验区,包括梦想家改造,梦想家居,梦想家智能,梦想时尚,舌尖上的梦想 和摩登家庭。每个区域将设有不同的特别策划,包括梦想T台,主厨时间,梦想阳台,梦想家 场景,假日VR 影院等。超过20个国家300个品牌,数千款商品,紧紧围绕中产阶级家庭生 活方式,为年轻情侣和家庭带来耳目一新的消费体验。 
Ideal Home Show 历来有设立品牌大使的传统,包括 BBC《厨艺大师》节目的评审兼美食评 论家Gregg Wallace;知名建筑师兼电视主持人George Clarke,著名室内设计师 Laurence Bowen等。本次Ideal Home Show“梦想家生活方式展”现场揭幕了中国地区的品牌大使— —蜚声国内的建筑师青山周平、知名演员胡可女士、知名明星室内设计师吴滨、国际造型师 Andy Koh将分别代言 梦想家改造、梦想家居和梦想时尚三大体验区。三位品牌大使皆表示很荣幸能有机会与百年消 费盛会合作,参与到其中分享最新的摩登生活理念,助力中国中产阶级家庭打造梦想之家。他 们更将亲临12月的活动现场,为消费者分享提升生活品质的实用建议。除此之外,在4天活 动中,20多位中外特邀嘉宾们将带来各自领域的话题分享,包括知名影视造型指导专注时尚 造型数十年的黄薇女士,著名设计师杨明洁,巧克力艺术家Willie Harcourt-Cooze,家装色 彩搭配大师Lisbeth Larsen,绿色健康生活意见领袖Markovic Neobojsa 等。 

To register for the event, please click here 

We have also prepared a complimentary ticket code for going out through the DIT network. Please see the below instruction for using this code to redeem the complimentary tickets:
Your code is: E121EJ 
获取免费门票操作如下 See the guide below or in the attached PDF file: 
1. 进入这个门票注册链接 Click below lick to register for the ticket: 
http://ali.infosalons.com.cn/reg/ihs17mo/registercn/start.aspx (PC version)
https://ali.infosalons.com.cn/reg/ihs17mo/registercn/start.aspx (Smart phone version) 
2. 填写简单的个人信息后,选择票种(成人票、双人票,或家庭票),可多选,也可以每种选多张票,再选择观展日期 Fill out personal information, choose ticket type and date for visit. You can choose multiple ticket types and multiple number of tickets. 
3. 填入尊享码 Type in the code I provided above to activate the ticket 
4.点击支付,由于输入了尊享码所以其实是免费,不需要支付 When you reach the payment step, no need to pay. Just put in the code to get the free ticket. 
5.完成后就会收到门票的二维码,这个二维码就是电子门票。Receive the complimentary ticket QR code 
6. 按选定日期用二维码扫码入场 Show and scan QR code to enter the show 


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