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Smart Cities Debate: Who Should Take the Lead and Where Should They Lead Us? (Beijing)

BritCham / CBBC
Event type Chamber/CBBC Infrastructure & Property Forum
Date Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015
Time 15:45-17:45
Open for All welcome
Cost Members FREE RMB Non-Members 200 RMB
Contacts Ms WANG Jia: jia.wang@cbbc.org.cn; +86 (0) 10 8525 1111 ext. 371
Venue The British Business Centre, Beijing
Organiser BritCham / CBBC
Address Room 1001, China Life Tower, 16 Chaoyangmenwai Dajie
北京市朝阳区朝阳门外大街16号中国人寿大厦1001室 英国商务中心
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In a recent panel discussion on smart cities during the visit of Sir Michael Bear, special envoy to China for sustainable urbanisation, a debate evolved around the importance of considering what we are trying to achieve before rushing headlong into data collection. 
At this Infrastructure & Property Forum event, we encourage an interested audience to delve further into the benefits and pitfalls of smart cities as they are being promoted to city planners and the public. Some feel that bits and bytes, if analysed properly, will lead inevitably to sustainable and liveable cities - yet there is also a growing number of city planners, designers and consultants questioning this trend. 
Experts from Buro Happold, Haskoll and Ultra Electronics will present their views on:
  • Challenges and tips for smart city design - Matthew Smith, Director, China, Buro Happold
  • Smart shopping for smart shoppers - Peter Goldsmith, Chairman, Haskoll China
  • Infrastructure and property in the digital technology era - Jenny Lawton, Regional Director, Ultra Electronics
Please see topic descriptions below. The discussion will be moderated by Patrik Li, CBBC's sector lead for energy, environment and infrastructure.
智慧城市如何建?听城市设计专业人士为您深入解读。6月2日下午,英中贸易协会及中国英国商会邀请您参与“智慧城市大讨论”活动。Buro Happold中国区董事、Haskoll中国区主席和Ultra Electronics区域董事将从“智慧城市设计”、“智慧消费”,以及“大数据时代的基础设施和城市设计”三角度分享各自见解。
15.45 Registration
16.00 Welcome note - I&P Forum host
16.05 Challenges and tips for smart city design - Matthew Smith, Director China, Buro Happold
16.20 Smart Shopping for Smart Shoppers - Peter Goldsmith, Chairman, Haskoll China
16.35 Infrastructure and Property in Digital Technology Era - Jenny Lawton, Regional Director, Ultra Electronics
16.50 Audience discussion
17.15 Networking
17:45 Close
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Challenges and tips for smart city design, presented by Matthew Smith, Director, China, Buro Happold
Harnessing data in order to better manage resources including energy and water, and to facilitate better utilisation of installed capacity, requires the installation of city-wide data collection and analysis: the volume of data being generated is staggering. We should be wary of being seduced by this data! In general more technology leads to more power demand. There is a risk that smart city solutions are seen as a clever box of tricks that can be bolted on to an urban area, like city-wide WIFI and apps to order taxis and train tickets, to solve multiple problems arising from urbanisation. Smart city design does not imply we can forget the basics: reducing energy consumption, reducing reliance on private cars, and recycling of water and waste remain key components of city design that require careful planning to integrate urban infrastructure into the city fabric.
Over his 28 year career, Matthew has worked on a wide variety of civil and structural engineering projects at all scales including masterplanning, bridges and building structures. His key interests include design of sustainable communities, particularly in the context of rapid urbanisation; use of timber as a structural material; and integration of architecture and engineering to create elegant, functional buildings.
Smart shopping for smart shoppers, presented by Peter Goldsmith, Chairman, Haskoll China
This talk will cover how smart shoppers are driving the nature of physical shopping that has recently failed in its role as social and economic driver for the centre of our cities. Hence smart cities MUST have smart shopping environments that meet the demands of our smart shoppers. The internet and globalisation of retail has caused a revolution in this area and we are still in the middle of this revolutionary change.
Mr Peter Goldsmith has more than 30 years of rich architectural design experience across the world. The projects he has designed include urban design, commercial mixed-use, shopping centres, leisure and residential. As an RIBA member, he advocates that the charm of design is founded in converting clear architectural concepts into lively and stimulating environments that raise the quality of life.
Infrastructure and property in the digital technology era, presented by Jenny Lawton, Regional Director, Ultra Electronics
Jenny's talk will cover:
  • Broad and narrow definitions of infrastructure and property
  • Trends, characteristics and dynamics of digital technology
  • Define objectives, missions and visions of your customers and stakeholders
  • Local rules, regulations and policies
  • Define a realistic scope of offerings and capabilities
Jenny has a degree in economics and financing, a master's in international business, a Common Law Profession qualification from the UK and an executive MBA from a leading university. She is a member of Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators. She is a highly qualified and experienced senior executive, with extensive background, experience and achievement in a wide range of business disciplines including investment banking, infrastructure, energy, engineering manufacturing and ITC industries and their strategic planning and operations management.
About the Infrastructure & Property Forum
The Chamber/CBBC Infrastructure & Property Forum is of relevance and interest to members in the construction industry including architects, engineers, planners, contractors, developers, investors, brokers and other consultants. This multi-disciplinary forum is intended as a meeting point, discussion group and business advancement source, as well as an education and career development environment for experienced professionals. This includes those from the full range of disciplines, trades and sectors related to the construction and real estate value chain industry.
The forum is chaired by Chas Pope (Arup) and Henry Yang (Haskoll).

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