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Twinings features in CCTV’s "TEA" documentary

BritCham / CBBC
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BritCham/CBBC member Twinings was honoured to be invited to the recent premiere of CCTV's latest documentary, "TEA: Story of the Leaf", in Beijing on 12 November. The documentary explores how the humble tea plant from China has led to an amazing variety of tea rituals around the world. CCTV Editor-in-Chief Mr Luo opened the ceremony, and Twinings Brand Ambassador Carole Kurowski explained our own ritual of British afternoon tea.

The six-part documentary airs on Monday 18 November at 10.40pm on CCTV1. The series runs each night until Monday 25 November (not including the weekend). Britain’s love affair with tea is the subject of the final episode on 25 November, featuring Twinings.

Michael Wright, Twinings' Master Blender, as featured in CCTV’s ‘TEA’ documentary

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