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UK-China Urbanisation Platform launched in Beijing

BritCham / CBBC
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The platform has been established against the backdrop of the ‘Memorandum of Understanding on Enhancing Cooperation in Green and Low Carbon Urbanisation’, which was signed in November 2014 during former Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, the Rt Hon Sir Pickles’ visit to China with the National Development and Reform Commission.
By providing an interactive hub for policy makers, businesses and academia in UK and China’s urbanisation sectors, the platform aims to promote UK’s comprehensive offer for city and city cluster development, smart cities and integrated planning in the Chinese market, increase information and knowledge exchanges, and forge and enhance partnerships between business and academic communities. 
The platform will be managed by the China Centre for Urban Development (CCUD), China’s leading urban development agency, affiliated to the NDRC, in consultation with the British Embassy Beijing and guided by the NDRC and DCLG, featuring:
  • A platform for communication
- A digital platform:  A platform webpage has been created to foster interaction between the two countries, which provides access to the latest information about the sphere.
- Monthly newsletters include news, project updates and collaboration opportunities in the UK and China, in order to increase the UK’s visibility among Chinese stakeholders.
  • A platform of information – a database of UK experts and businesses for wider access by Chinese businesses, academia, and policy makers;
  • A platform of interaction – to facilitate interaction between urbanisation stakeholders from the two countries, leading to matched needs, interests and expertise in the themed areas, providing opportunities for experts from UK cities and businesses to be aware of/participate in events/missions organised by CCUD at both city and central levels.
The platform is updated on a weekly basis. We invite you to visit the website regularly to get the latest on the UK and China’s urbanisation sectors, and would welcome your contributions, suggestions or feedback regarding any of the above. 
Sustainable Urbanisation Team
British Embassy Beijing | 11 Guanghua Lu, Beijing 100600, China
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