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A UK Strategy for Agricultural Technologies

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A UK Strategy for Agricultural Technologies

HM Government has released a paper titled "A UK Strategy for Agricultural Technologies" in which it outlines how government and industry plan to meet and embrace changing global agricultural challenges and opportunities. The UK has traditionally been a leader in agricultural science, but this is the first time the UK Government has joined up with the country's science base and food and farming industry to develop the strengths of the agri-tech sector as a whole.

The vision

Overseen by the Agri-Tech Leadership Council and based on consultation and partnerships with the agri-tech community, this strategy is designed to achieve a vision:

That the UK becomes a world leader in agricultural technology, innovation and sustainability; exploits opportunities to develop and adopt new and existing technologies, products and services to increase productivity; and thereby contributes to global food security and international development.

Changing conditions

The world's population is expected to rise from seven to nine billion by 2050, and is becoming more prosperous. Environmental change, water availability, soil degredation and biodiversity loss threaten food security. Agriculture and food production will have to adapt to changing conditions to increase the resilience of food systems, and the sector will also have to make a concerted effort in helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meeting climate change commitments. Huge advances in the biosciences in recent years are driving transformational developments in agricultural science, technology and farming practices, while rising demand worldwide for food, feed, fibre and fuel is opening up new market opportunities. Many countries are increasing their investment in agricultural R&D and production.

UK access to global markets

There are huge opportunities for the UK agri-tech sector in global markets. The global market value of agricultural input sales, for example, is estimated to be worth more than $400 billion and continues to show high growth. Growth requires focused support that identifies, targets and accesses those markets with the most export potential. It needs further effort to ensure inward investors fully understand the benefits of making investments in research, technologies and jobs in the UK. As the UK agri-tech sector develops, it is building valuable expertise that developing countries can also access to help meet global food security goals.

Opportunities in international development

The strong links between trade and international development offer mutual advantage to the UK and developing economies. They can increase the UK’s contribution to tackling the global need for sustainable intensification of agriculture and position the UK as a global hub for the agri-tech sector.


For the full document please see the attached PDF below.


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