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University of Birmingham Cements and Creates new Collaborations with Guangzhou

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Six months after the launch of the University’s representative office in Guangzhou, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Birmingham returned to Guangzhou last month to highlight the ongoing strategic partnership between the City and the University.

Vice Chancellor Professor David Eastwood met Vice Mayor Zhang Ji, and signed new collaborative agreements with three partner institutions; Sun Yat-Sen University, Jinan University and the Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health. 

Since the launch of the office in September 2011, three first phase biomedical research projects are underway through partnerships with the municipal government and hospitals in the City. The projects are the Born in Guangzhou Cohort Study, the Guangzhou Biobank Cohort Study and the Birmingham-Guangzhou Brain and Cognition Centre.  
Further collaborative research projects are being developed under the themes of environmental science, service industries and stem cell research, and latterly in the areas of engineering and physical sciences.  In addition, the University’s future plans include the development of an education centre, in partnership with a Guangzhou-based university partner, and a graduate school. 

Professor David Eastwood, Vice Chancellor of the University of Birmingham, said:

“The University’s collaborative reach in Guangzhou is increasing with vigour and our engagement with partners across the city continues to go from strength to strength. In keeping with our momentum, we are developing partnerships with industry, research institutes and universities based in Guangzhou, taking forward discussions around research collaboration, education and technology transfer. The MoUs I sign today, with Sun Yat-Sen University on research and graduate education, Guangzhou Institutes of Bioscience and Health on stem cell research, and Jinan University on our education programme, demonstrate excellent milestones for our sustainable and productive partnership with Guangzhou.”

Accompanying the Vice Chancellor on this visit, Professor Edward Peck, Pro-Vice Chancellor at the University of Birmingham, added: 

“This latest visit marks the University of Birmingham’s long-term commitment to Guangzhou and the broader Pearl River Delta region. Our plans are wide-ranging; from research projects and business engagement to an education centre and graduate school. These developments align well with Guangzhou’s social and economic development aims, as set out in the 12th Five Year Plan.” 

About the University of Birmingham Guangzhou Office

The University of Birmingham Guangzhou Centre (representative office) is a unique facility established in coordination with People’s Government of Guangzhou Municipality to facilitate joint research and education initiatives in Guangzhou, the province of Guangdong and the broader Pearl River Delta region. Additionally, it supports knowledge transfer and engagement with business interests in the region, is a hub for research staff, and enables knowledge and expertise between China and the University of Birmingham to be shared. In addition to its Guangzhou Centre, the University has liaison offices in Beijing and Shanghai.

Source: University of Birmingham

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