17 New Vacancies – AIIB

2017, February 3
17 New Vacancies – AIIB 3rd February 2017
New vacancies will cover
– Investment Operations
– Policy development, Quality Assurance and Compliance
– Budget Management
– Procurement
– Environmental and Social Development Safeguards
– Treasury
– Finance
– Counsel
– Human Resources
– Information Management
– IT
Applicants from all countries may apply. Recruitment will be effected in an open, fair and transparent manner. Selection will be based, inter alia, on technical competence, in-depth experience in related sectors, international experience, and educational background. AIIB has the discretion to appoint candidates into positions commensurate with their background and experience.
Should you wish to pass on these vacancies to appropriate candidates, it is worth noting that the closing date is 13 February 2017.

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