Dr. Liu Qian (Louise Liu)

2018, February 11
Dr. Liu Qian (Louise Liu) 11th February 2018

Vice-Chair | Managing Director, The Economist Group Greater China

Dr. Qian Liu is an influential economist and business executive. She understands well both China and the West, and has shown exceptional ability to bridge the two in the age of China rising and new globalisation.

As Managing Director of The Economist Group in Greater China, Dr. Liu showed excellent leadership in expanding business with innovation. She previously headed The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Economics Unit and China Research, and chaired internal review with The European Securities and Market Authority.

As an economist, Dr. Liu has deep knowledge of Chinese economy, publishes in highly regarded academic journals and business, and is frequently interviewed by BBC, CNBC, NPR, etc.

Dr. Liu is also a prominent advocate for gender equality, and introduces cutting edge global economic research on gender, and promotes intelligent public debates reaching millions of people.

Dr. Liu earned her PhD in Economics from Uppsala University, Sweden, and was previously a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley, and received executive training from Stanford University. She was awarded Outstanding Woman by Caixin in 2016, recognised as Young Global Leader by World Economic Forum in 2019 and elected as Youth Council Member of Future Forum in 2020.

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