British Airways Flies First into Beijing’s Airport of the Future

2019, November 4
British Airways Flies First into Beijing’s Airport of the Future 4th November 2019

British Airways will today proudly fly into the new state-of-the-art Beijing Daxing International Airport. The UK flag carrier is the first international airline to do so since the airport – one of the most technologically advanced in the world – was officially opened by Chinese President Xi Jinping last month. 英国航空公司航班将于今日飞抵新近落成的世界一流机场--北京大兴国际机场。自此,这家英国著名航空公司将成为中国国家主席习近平上月宣布大兴机场正式开放以来飞抵这座顶尖高科技机场的首家国际航空公司。

The maiden flight – a British Airways Boeing 777-300 – will land at approximately 10.25am local time, before embarking on its return flight to London Heathrow at approximately 12.10pm. British Airways will run a daily service to and from Beijing Daxing, with four cabins: First, Club World (business class), World Traveller Plus (premium economy) and World Traveller (economy). 执飞本次首航任务的英航波音777-300 飞机将于当地时间上午10 时25 分降落大兴机场,约在中午12 点10 分返回伦敦希斯罗机场。英国航空公司将运营往返北京大兴机场的每日航班,共配备四种机舱:First (头等舱)、Club World(公务舱)、World Traveller Plus(超级经济舱)和World Traveller(经济舱)。


To mark the occasion, British Airways is offering a range of special fares between Beijing and London Heathrow selling until 20 November. Return fares for those travelling between now and 31 May will start from ¥870 for World Traveller (economy), with a further reduced fare of ¥480 for those travelling between 27 January and 11 March, and ¥14,170 for Club World (business). 为纪念这一重要时刻,英国航空公司将在11 月20 日前销售北京至伦敦希思罗机场的一系列特价机票。即日起至5 月31 日,World Traveller(经济舱)往返票价为870 元人民币起,1 月27 日至3 月11 日期间的往返票价将进一步下调至480 元人民币,Club World(公务舱) 的往返票价将下调至14170 元人民币。

British Airways customers arriving in Beijing Daxing are set to experience a range of innovations as they travel through the stunning new terminal building, one of the most technologically advanced in the world, including facial recognition and self-service biometrics at security, self-service check-in kiosks and baggage drop machines, a paperless journey from check-into boarding, and real-time baggage tracking. 抵达大兴机场,穿行于令人惊叹的新建航站楼,英航客户将体验到一系列全球最先进的技术, 包括安检处的面部识别与生物测定自助服务、自助值机亭和自助行李托运机、从值机开始的无纸化旅程,以及实时行李追踪服务。


The terminal building also features numerous innovations aimed at maximising the use of natural light and limiting energy consumption. It is powered by photovoltaic solar panels and has a centralised heating system with waste heat recovery supported by a ground-source heat pump. It also has a state-of-the-art rainwater collection and water management system linked to nearby wetlands, lakes and streams to prevent flooding and counter the summer ‘heat island’ effect on the local microclimate. 新航站楼还采取了多项创新技术,旨在最大限度地利用自然光、减少能源消耗。航站楼由光伏太阳能电池板供电,配备集中供热系统,由一部地源热泵为废热回收提供支持。航站楼还建有一流的雨水收集和水管理系统,该系统与附近的湿地、湖泊和溪流相连,能够防止洪水泛滥, 对抗夏季“热岛”效应对当地小气候环境的影响。


Once customers have passed through security, they will have access to over 300 shops and restaurants and for those eligible access to two brand-new partner lounges operated by BCS and the East Pacific Group.

通过安检后,乘客可进入三百多家商店和餐厅,部分乘客还可以享用由北京首新航空地面服务有限公司(BCS)和东海集团(East Pacific Group)经营的全新合作伙伴贵宾休息室。


Noella Ferns, British Airways’ Executive Vice President in Greater China and the Philippines, said: “British Airways is hugely proud to be the first international airline to fly into Beijing Daxing. This stunning and innovative new airport and the world-class customer experience it provides will play an important part of our strategy to increase travel between China, the UK and beyond.” 英国航空公司大中华及菲律宾地区执行总裁范蔚蓝(Noella Ferns)表示:“英国航空公司是首家飞抵北京大兴机场的国际航空公司。这座令人叹为观止的新型机场及其提供的世界级客户体验,将成公司战略的重要组成部分,帮助我们增加中国、英国和其他国家之间的客流量。”



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