Chief Talent Officer

2021, March 29
Chief Talent Officer 29th March 2021

Chief Talent Officer – Beijing – 2021-3-23
首席人才官 – 北京 – 2021年3月23日

Our Company
AppInChina is a Beijing-based tech company that enables international companies to localize, publish, promote and monetize their software in China. We are a team of smart, entrepreneurial, highly-motivated people and we’re looking for the most capable people we can find to join us. Our goal is to build a global tech company on the same scale as Amazon, Tencent, and Alibaba, and we’re on our way to achieving this with 10x growth over the past 3 years.

AppInChina是一家创立于北京的科技企业,主要服务国际企业实现其软件在中国的 落地、发布、推广以及盈利。我们拥有一支充满智慧、创业精神和积极进取的团队,期 待有志人才的加入,我们的目标是组建为比肩亚马逊、腾讯和阿里巴巴规模的全球 性科技企业。在过去的三年里我们正以10倍的增长而实现这一目标。

What do we offer?

  • An exciting entrepreneurial environment within an established, profitable and rapidly growing company.
  • A team of smart, highly-motivated colleagues to work with and learn from.
  • An amazing office space in the heart of Guomao, including free membership of Beijing’s best gym: Trainyard.
  • Flexible holidays and work times.
  • Generous salaries and performance-based bonuses.
  • Social insurance and housing fund payments based upon your pre-tax salary, as well as work visas for non-Chinese staff


  •  一家稳定盈利和快速增长,并拥有令人兴奋的创业环境的企业。
  •  与这只充满聪慧和有志之士组成的团队一起工作和学习。
  • 位于国贸核心区舒适的办公室环境,雇员可免费享受北京最棒的健身房Trainyard。
  • 相对灵活的假期和工作时间。
  • 丰厚的薪水和绩效奖金。
  • 给予规定的保障待遇,包括五险一金。同时为非中国籍员工提供工作签证。

What will you do?

You will be in charge of talent acquisition at our company. We know that our future growth and success depends on finding the most outstanding people
possible to join our company and we are looking for a Chief Talent Officer who will ensure that we achieve this goal. The exact methods that you use to achieve this goal will be decided by you but your work is likely to involve:

  • Speaking with your colleagues to obtain a deep understanding of each position.
  • Writing job descriptions that maximize our chances of attracting the right candidates.
  • Publishing these job descriptions through the most appropriate channels in
    order to ensure that we reach as many suitable candidates as possible.
  • Screening, conducting phone interviews, and conducting in-person interviews in order to identify the most suitable candidates.
  • Monitoring the performance of recent hires and ensuring that they meet expectations


您将负责我司的人才培养计划的执行与实施。 我们深知未来的成长和成功取决于由 优秀人才组成的团队,人才官的任务便是确保我们能够实现这一目标。 你可以主宰为实现这一目标所采取的具体措施,但您的工作可能涉及:

  • 与您的同事交谈以深入了解职位所需。
  • 撰写职务简介并最大程度吸引合适人选。
  •  通过最合适的渠道发布这些职位,需确保可找到尽可能多的合适人选。
  • 筛选申请人、进行电话初试和开展面试。
  • 监控新员工并确保他们达到期望的表现。

What will you bring to our team?

The ideal candidate is someone who has an impressive track record of success in talent acquisition and is looking to join a rapidly growing tech company with
massive growth potential. We will also consider applicants without direct experience in talent acquisition but who have an outstanding record in other departments and can demonstrate that they have the skills required to transition into talent acquisition.

  • Fluent Chinese and English language level.
  • Excellent communication skills and a passion for communicating with people.
  • A strong work ethic and independent attitude.
  • A love of learning that enables you to continuously improve your skill set and adapt to a rapidly changing industry.
  •  Experience in the software and/or mobile industry is preferred but not essential.


我们寻找的理想的候选人应拥有令人印象深刻的个人成就记录,希望加入具有巨大增长潜力的、快速成长的科技公司的人。 我们依然考虑那些在其他方面有出色表现

  • 中英文流利。
  • 较强的沟通能力并热衷与人交流。
  • 高品质的职业道德和独立的态度。
  • 对学习热爱、并不断提高自己的技能以适应瞬息万变的行业。
  • 具有软件和/或移动行业经验者优先,但并非必需。

How to apply?
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