China Admissions正在招聘大学商务拓展与客户关系经理

2021, March 5
China Admissions正在招聘大学商务拓展与客户关系经理 5th March 2021

Seeking University BD & Relationship Manager to join our team to lead our relationships and revenue growth to the next level

The massive changes in the international education industry brought on by COVID-19 provides huge opportunities for new models and digital solutions to emerge.

We are China Admissions, an investor backed online platform for international students to apply to Chinese Universities and study online programs. We provide universities online marketing services and online events to help them grow internationally and do international marketing. We partner with 150 top Chinese universities, and have over 150,000 registered students.

We are growing fast and looking for a university relationship manager to join our team to lead our growth in relationships and revenue through this exciting stage as we reach the next level.

Your Objectives

In the first 6 months you will have the following objectives.

1> Build rock solid relationships with partners ready for growth

You will be leading the growth of our relationships with Chinese universities. Relationships are everything in business and that’s especially true in China. In order to be able to serve our partners we need to understand them deeply.

You’ll be doing a crash course in the market by talking to our team and customers – getting in front of our students and universities, setting up interviews. You’ll have the travel and expenses covered so you can meet and really get to know our partners. What makes them tick, how can we serve them better, and sharing the top 10 findings with our product, operations, and recruitment teams and using these findings and relationships for our growth plan.

2> Develop 20 new university partners by contacting 300 universities per month and reaching $100,000 USD in revenue within 3 months

Armed with the relationships and partner understanding, the next step is to contact 300 universities, giving proposals with our services or upgrading them to suit their needs better. You will be tasked with renewing existing relationships and contacting new universities to introduce our platform and marketing options.

3> Growing Our Relationships with Global Recruitment Partners from 200 to 500

You will be tasked with growing our relationships with  recruitment companies around the world by reaching out to them, introducing our platform, and signing them up. We have developed an automated system for this. You will be managing this system and lead the onboarding with global partners.


The most important skill for this role is to be able to understand people, communicate well, develop relationships and drive business sales.

We need someone with a native level of Chinese and English. an international mindset is a must. We expect you’ll have a strong track record of sales and BD growth and have strong relationship skills.

As we are a startup it is important you can think in a “Full Stack” way,  and are able to think about the work from multiple angles and can have a wide range of skills (or be looking to learn related skills) such as digital marketing, international recruitment etc.,. It also helps to drive improvements in other areas of our business.

Being tech savvy, marketing experience, entrepreneurial interest or experience is an advantage. We highly value the ability to learn, being open minded, caring about others, and service, and a get stuff done attitude.

It is important that you have high standards, good attention to detail and can help to push each other and the team to improve and be better.

We prefer someone who is based in Beijing but due to the current travel restrictions other locations may be considered.

Working Environment

We are a multinational team based in Beijing but also remotely. In our team we have some of the most talented people in the industry who are dedicated, ambitious, have high standards, and are great fun to work with and learn from. Together we are continually pushing and helping each other to grow.

Our management system is using OKR’s where we all have our own monthly targets (like those 3 above) that align together and we help support each other to reach those targets.

The salary is competitive, with full social insurance. You’ll be surrounded by the best people in the industry – a smart and fun team to work with and learn from. We have a results oriented culture with a flexible schedule with national and international travel opportunities.

The next step

Sound interesting to you? We’d love to hear from you

Shoot us an email at with your CV and we’ll set up a time for a chat




我们是China Admissions,一个由投资者支持的在线平台,供国际学生申请中国大学和学习在线课程。 我们为大学提供在线营销服务和在线活动以帮助他们扩大国际知名度并开展国际营销。 我们与国内200所顶尖大学合作,我们网站的注册学生数量超过15万名。





1> 与合作伙伴建立稳固的关系,为公司快速增长做好准备

你将带领我们增进与大学之间关系。 关系在商业中尤为重要, 为了能够为我们的合作伙伴提供服务,我们需要深入了解他们。

你将通过与我们的团队和客户交谈从而获得培训–对学生和大学进行采访。 我们会为你报销差旅费用,使你可以拜访我们的合作伙伴并更深入的了解他们。 是什么让他们愿意和我们合作,如何为他们提供更好的服务,以及与我们的产品,运营和招生团队分享前十大发现,并用这些发现和客户关系来帮助我们快速的增长。


有了客户关系和对合作伙伴的理解,下一步就是与300所大学进行联系,在我们的营销宣传服务上为他们提出可行的提议或更新我们的营销宣传服务以更好地满足他们的需求。 你的任务是维持现有的客户关系和与新的大学建立联系,以介绍我们的平台和营销宣传服务。

3> 扩大我们全球招生合作伙伴的数量从200到500

你的任务是通过与他们联系,介绍我们的平台并与他们建立合作,从而发展我们与全球招生伙伴的关系。 我们为此开发了一个自动化系统, 你将管理此系统并引导全球合作伙伴加入并使用它。




申请者需中文和英文达到母语水平。 必须拥有国际化思维模式。 我们希望你在销售和商务拓展方面拥有良好的往绩,并具有很强的客户关系技巧。

作为一家初创公司,用“全栈”方式进行思考很重要,你需要有能力在工作中从多个角度考虑问题,并具有广泛的技能(或希望学习相关技能),例如数字营销,国际招生等。 它还有助于推动我们的业务在其他领域的改进。

精通技术,营销经验,企业家兴趣或经验是优势。 我们高度重视学习,开放思维,关心他人和服务的能力,以及做好工作的态度。




我们是一个国际化的团队,总部位于北京,但也远程办公。 在我们的团队中,我们拥有一些业内最有才华的人,他们敬业,雄心勃勃,具有高标准,并且与他们一起工作和学习非常有趣。 我们在一起不断努力,互相帮助。


有竞争力的薪酬,有完整的社会保险。 您将被业内最优秀的人才所包围-一个聪明有趣的团队,可以与他们一起工作并向他们学习。 我们公司拥有结果导向的企业文化,具有灵活的工作时间表以及国内和国际的旅行机会。



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