Company Ownership Intern

2022, February 17
Company Ownership Intern 17th February 2022

What is the work?

  • Understand CRU protocols for naming Chinese companies in Chinese and in English translation.
  • Understand CRU protocols on ownership especially for joint ventures.
  • Understand CRU policy on permissions and copyright
  • Check and propose corrections to our Chinese ownership structures especially of joint ventures and major shareholders using the protocols
  • Check our meta data on Chinese assets across all commodities such as geolocation, owner and operator names
  • Regular meetings with project managers and experts based in London and Beijing.


What kind of person are we looking for?

  • Native/bilingual Mandarin Chinese speaker (fluent in reading Chinese websites)
  • Good reading and spoken English. Clear written English as bullets for example.
  • Someone who can work on a part-time basis for up to six months. The work is very detailed and routine and so probably cannot be done on a full-time basis but we are open to the idea.
  • Can work remotely from home but ideally can also come into one of our offices regularly so as to build trust and good communication.
  • Organized time management and proactive communication on progress and deadlines
  • must have attention to detail and drive

Nice to have

  • Prior experience in industry news checking, summarizing, and collection
  • Proven aptitude for desk research and Excel (training available)
  • An interest in commodity corporate structure
  • Familiarity with Baidu Map and other Chinese map apps
  • Familiarity with Chinese websites such as Qichacha, Tianyancha, and Aiqicha (helpful websites for locating a specific company)


What kind of person you might be?

  1. Someone who is intellectually curious and keen to learn about how data is used in business decisions and help in that process
  2. Someone who is organised, motivated, dedicated and likes to deliver on tasks
  3. The internship is an opportunity for both parties to get know each other and might lead to further employment. Equally it can work for someone who is studying for a related career and wants to understand data.


Application contact:

Jade Ren


Phone: +86 10 5082 8388

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