Digital Content Curator

2021, February 1
Digital Content Curator 1st February 2021


Who are you?

  • 热爱生活,敢于冒险
  • 有好奇心,有创造力,愿意接受新的想法
  • 有幽默感,享受疯狂热烈和天马行空
  • 喜欢在一个精力充沛的团队里工作
  • 对音乐和创意充满兴趣
  • 有讲述故事的热情
  • 可以独立准时地完成工作任务
  • 了解我们的品牌文化,对我们的工作充满热情,并且喜欢与我们的粉丝互动
  • You have a passion for life and adventure
  • You are inquisitive, love creativity and are open to new ideas
  • You have a good sense of humour and enjoy the crazy and ridiculous
  • You enjoy working with a small team of energetic people
  • You have an interest the Chinese music and creative scene
  • You have a passion for telling stories
  • You are able to work on your own and get things done in a timely fashion
  • You know about our brand and be passionate about what we do and love to engage with our fans



What you’ll do


As our digital marketing superhero, you will be responsible for telling the brand story and engaging with our fans. We create magical artwork and products all the time and you will have the fun job of telling these stories with great images and video and text and inspire people online like we do in our stores in Beijing. You will be creating content around our products and art installations and distributing this content over relevant social media to inspire an audience that is relevant to our brand. You will also be directly involved in creating the strategy that you will be executing.



Job Responsibilities

  • 负责运营公司的微博、微信公众号、B站等线上自媒体平台
  • 熟识各平台特点,并有针对性地策划运营方案
  • 进行文字编辑、小视频内容策划
  • 推广线上平台,引流增长粉丝
  • 日常维护账号,分析数据
  • Responsible for operating the company’s online new media platforms such as Douyin, Xiaohongshu, Bilibili, Weibo, WeChat official account, etc.
  • According to the characteristics of the platform, targeted planning and operation plans
  • Conduct text editing, small video content planning and script writing
  • Promote online platforms to attract and increase fans
  • Daily maintenance account and data analysis


Job Requirements

  • 能开脑洞、能分析运用热点、有创意、有想法
  • 熟悉新媒体平台运营模式
  • 良好的文案功底
  • 一定的视频编辑能力
  • 保持独立有决策性的工作状态,定期复盘
  • Be able to brainstorm, follow hot spots, be creative, and have ideas
  • Familiar with the new media platform operation model
  • Good copywriting skills
  • Video editing capabilities
  • Excellent decision-making ability



Big Bonus

  • 有一定的自媒体运营成功的案例
  • 自媒体运营工作经验1年以上
  • 一定的英语对话能力
  • Successful cases of self-media operations
  • More than 1 year of self-media operation experience
  • English conversation skills



We Provide

  • 优质的薪资待遇
  • 按工作表现月度提成
  • 一个公平互助的文化环境
  • Competitive salary
  • Monthly bonuses based on performance
  • A fair and supportive culture


Our Company

Plastered 8 始创于2006年,由英国人Dominic Johnson-Hill 一手创立。Plastered 8 是一个非常有创造力的零售精品店品牌,融合北京高品质的艺术品,服装和饰品。除了我们的精品店,你还可以在北京乃至世界各地的酒店和饭店里看到 Plastered 8 的艺术品。

Plastered 8 was founded in 2006 by Englishman Dominic Johnson-Hill to celebrate his love of ideas and Beijing.

Plastered 8 is super creative retail boutique brand that celebrates Beijing with incredible artwork and high quality clothing and accessories. Besides our retail stores you can see Plastered 8 artwork all over Beijing in restaurants and hotel and now around the world.


Our Team


我们为 Plastered 8 优秀的企业文化而自豪,每个人都独立平等友爱。我们希望每位成员都能秉承品牌的创新精神,平衡工作和生活。我们乐于公开交流,快速前进,寓学于乐,每年我们会组织海外旅游探险。我们相信品牌的力量是由每个拥有非凡体验的成员组成的。

We pride ourselves on our incredible company culture where everyone is respected. We expect each team member to be as innovative as the brand and enjoy life and work with a balance. We communicate openly and move fast. We love to learn and play. Every year we take an adventure overseas together — we believe that a brand is made up of experiences and want our staff to have great experiences to bring to the brand as well.


请阅读网上有关企业信息并发送说明为什么你想要在Plastered 8工作,并与简历一同发送至邮箱: (只有简历无效)。

Please read about us online and send a description of why you think you would love to work at Plastered 8.Please send resume and description to

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