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2018, August 20
Education Newsletter 20th August 2018

UK-China Education News
Free Tuition and Accommodation for Students Who Teach in Provincial Schools

Central government will fund the tuition, accommodation and subsidise daily expenses for undergraduate students who agree to a 6-year provincial teaching contract. Students who withdraw will be obligated to return all expenses. The programme will be open to students at Beijing Normal University, East China Normal University in Shanghai, Northeast Normal University, Central China Normal University, Shaanxi Normal University and Southwest Normal University in Chongqing and applies to students pursuing normal specialties.
(Source: MoE)

Young People More Skeptical About Going to University
Ambition to attend university has dropped, with 26,000 university places unfilled on A-level results day. The news reflects a growing skepticism about attending university among young people. Research carried out by Ipsos Mori for the Sutton Trust, which polled 2,300 English and Welsh pupils ages 11 to 16 found that 75% of students felt it was “important” to go to university, down from 64% in 2013. Sir Peter Lampl, founder of the Sutton Trust charity, suggested the huge debts incurred from university and inutility of certain degrees as a reason for the decrease in interest. However, with 300,000 university places and only 10,000 degree-level apprenticeships available each year, “there is effectively no viable alternative to university.”
(Source: The Guardian)

China Consults Public Opinion for Education Document
China’s Ministry of Justice is consulting public opinion until the 10th September on a draft regulation regarding online education. The document currently states that private schools which provide online credential education will be required to obtain permission for running schools and online operations. Furthermore, institutes offering online training should also acquire permission for online operations and register with departments of education, human resources and social security at provincial level. The draft also wants to protects the rights of teachers and other employees, while regulating the setting up of private schools and educational institutions.
(Source: Xinhua)

A-Level Results Highlight Trends in British Education.
2018 has seen a continued increase in the number of students achieving A or A* in their subjects which has reached a six year high. The results also show the changing popularity of A-level courses among UK students. This year Mandarin took over German in popularity, with the latter having seen a fall in entries of 45% since 2010. What’s more, students have generally shifted away from humanities and have taken more interest in stem subjects such as science and maths. The UK government was keen to highlight the continuing rise in the number of students taking sciences, technology, engineering and maths. The number of A-Levels in chemistry, physics and biology all rose by 3%, while mathematics was up 2.5%. The number of girls taking sciences and maths has also continued to rise, with a 3.1 per cent increase in maths entries from female students (in comparison to 2.1 per cent for boys) and a 6.9 per cent rise in physics (in comparison to 2.4 per cent for boys) although boys are still currently more likely to study STEM subjects than girls.
(Source: The Telegraph)

IELTS to Offer Computer-delivered test on Chinese Mainland
The British Council announced that its Guangzhou centre will be the first in the country to offer computer versions of the test. The computer-delivered test will be available from August 31st and be identical in content, but will ensure more test dates and sessions and return results faster than the paper equivalent.

Immigration Policy Puts UK’s Soft Power at Risk
The Higher Education Policy Institute have released a survey which looks at the study locations of presidents, prime ministers and monarchs in power in 200 countries. According to the report, the UK has lots its place as the top study destination for for world leaders, with 57 studying in the UK in comparison to 58 in the USA. Director of HEPI, Nick Hillman, blamed UK immigraiton policies for the change, arguing that migration figures should not include international students if the UK wants to continue to attract world leaders.
(Source: The Guardian)

BritCham/CBBC Members News
Chinese Visitors at University of Chester Experience Cultural and Business Life
Five key Chinese universities sent almost 50 visitors to spend two weeks in Chester to experience the diversity of cultural and business life in the UK. Students and academic staff from the South China University for Nationalities and Dalian Minzu, Guangxi Normal, Huzhou and Wuhan universities enjoyed summer school programmes organised by the University of Chester’s Business Research Institute (BRI) and its China Centre. The summer school programmes exposes Chinese visitors to student life in Chester. The aim is to increase the level of interaction with international students, while the long-term goal is to drive academic, culture and business exchanges between Chester and China. This year’s theme was ‘The Creative Economy’ with lectures on innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity by internal and external academics. The discussion topics included internationalism, sustainability and the key challenges facing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in both UK and China.
(Source: Chester Chronicle)

New Papers/ Publications
2018 Chinese Online English Education Innovation Research Report

Education Events
2018 China Summit of the Association of BE Top Schools
September 14, 2018
Nine Dragon Hall, 4th Floor, Kerry Hotel, Beijing

September 16, 2018
Diamond Hall, 3rd Floor, Westin Hotel, Shanghai
BE is once again providing students and families who are interested in British education with the exclusive opportunity to have an interview with the Top UK Schools enrolment officers. This September 2018, BE Education will host the 2018 UK Top Boarding Schools Chinese Student Enrollment Forum and has already invited admissions officers from the top schools in the world to attend.

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2018 Chinese Online English Education Innovation Research Report

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