Eleven Zou – At-large member


As Marketing and Communication Manager at Wood, and I started roughly 15 years ago in oil and gas, joined coming from a degree in marketing. Now, I am still focusing on and engaging energy and built environment markets, and willing to have more reasonability in this fascinating energy industry.

Today, we are facing and experiencing a public health and economic crisis we’ve never seen before. Both UK and China government will make their own choices, and business will make their choice which is based on precise market intelligence and timely update of information. British Chamber of Commerce in China is an inevitable and indispensable platform to introducing business to new opportunity in bilateral trade and helping each other up to date on business and market condition.  In the past 12 months, the committee has also demonstrated the resilience, the determination, the commitment in the face of new challenges and new opportunities. Its can-do spirit really inspired and encouraged me to make my own choice, that’s why I here.


I pledge to help British Chamber and our members with your marketing strategy and PR to delivery your brand values and messages also to seek opportunities to increase awareness about the chamber, increase participation (especially female) at events. The journey with China is going to up and down, we need to have the staying power to really succeed there. Let’s stretch our boundaries together and go beyond.

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