Embassy Sales Manager 使馆销售经理

2021, July 2
Embassy Sales Manager 使馆销售经理 2nd July 2021
Position Title职位:

Embassy Sales Manager 使馆销售经理

Department 部门:

Commercial Department 商务发展部

JD Code 岗位职责代码:


Hotel location 酒店名称:

Hilton Beijing

Reports to 上级:Date Written/Revised 日期:
Director of Sales 销售总监02/07/2021

Position Summary职位概述

Main job is to develop the hotel’s relationships with embassies, chambers, governments and international airlines. Establish and maintain good relationship with 3rd party MICE companies to drive group and events business.


  • Responsible in achieving the rooms, banquet and catering sales objectives of his/her markets and business segments.


  • Represents and promotes the hotel by maintaining constant contact with the market and the customer base of his/her responsibility through Customer Relationship Management.


  • Maintains and updates sales records manually and electronically as required.


  • Constant customer contact directed towards existing customers and potential customers. Minimum of 20 weekly face to face appointments are required to establish contacts and accounts portfolio with an annual target of 150 producers of which the top 20 accounts are to be major producers for the Hilton Beijing generating accommodation bookings, conferences and meetings.

与现有的客户和潜在客户保持联系,每周需要至少约见20位客户建立联系和合作关系, 每年要有150个客户,其中前20个应该成为为北京希尔顿产生主要的住宿预订,会议和活动的客户。

  • Develop new third-party MICE and Events customers and establish information database through market research and development and make sure keep the database update.


  • Cooperate with Events team to drive more C&E revenue


  • Implement and maintain selling procedures in room sales.


  • Update promptly Delphi and OnQ systems account profile of management of accounts and ensure information is extracted from clients in order to set a clear strategy account management.

及时更新Delphi和 OnQ 的系统,管理文件,确保客户信息的摘录,以便更好的确定市场政策。

  • Submit written proposals and agreements for both accommodation and conference space as requested by the client and ensure sales are closed. Once sales are closed all necessary information must be accurately passed to operations for quality delivery of the services sold.


  • Liaise with the HWS offices in reference to bookings/leads and rates requested for accounts covered in the portfolio.


  • Identifies and handles sales leads for rooms and events effectively and efficiently (within 24 hours).


  • Represents the hotel and participates in domestic and international sales activities, including chamber events and night working events


  • Creative contribution to product and sales development.


  • Fulfils Customer Relationship Management responsibilities and sales goals for defined customers through planned customer interviews.


  • During sales calls, carries out “cross selling”.


  • Monitors and reports on market and competition within own market segment.


  • Prepares and updates customer management reports and ensures all necessary follow up work is carried out on time.


  • Actively distributes product information and creates awareness within his area of responsibility.


  • Participates in planning and realization of sales campaigns together with Director of Sales.


  • Actively participates and reports/shares activities with the team during sales meetings.


  • Assists in planning and coordinating sales activities and events.


  • Assists in coordinating the development of all promotional material.


  • Manages account base and maintains all customer information up to date.


  • Provides ongoing advice and support to staff under his/her supervision.


  • Undertakes tasks as and when requested to fulfil the marketing and sales objectives of hotel.


  • Assess the physical requirements of the proposed function and reserve an appropriate venue for the client in Delphi. Discuss with clients and finalize all arrangements.

为客户需要客观评估,建议并在系统确定合适的场地, 与客户协商确定最后的安排。

  • To liaise with Operation Department prior to function, issue instructions for functions to all related departments via the Event Order.

与运营部门联系, 向相部门分发会议预定单。

  • Abides by the Hilton Employee Handbook.


  • Abides by both the hotel and Hilton policies and procedures.


  • Analyses, evaluates and improves personal performance on a continual basis.


  • Carries out other tasks as directed by the Director of Sales.


  • Does any special assignment as assigned by the Director of Sales.


  • Be familiar with and follow the requirements of the head of department and CD.


  • Understand the contents of team member Handbook, Policy and Procedures and comply with the requirements of that.



Interested applicants please submit your detailed CV to Oliver Schwartz Oliver.Schwartz@Hilton.com before 16 July, 2021.

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