11th China International Patent Technology and Products Fair


You are invited to join a British delegation led by CBBC to attend the 11th China International Patent Technology and Products Fair (referred to as the Patent Fair 2018), which will take place at Dalian World Expo Centre during 24th -26th August, 2018.

Approved by the State Council of China, sponsored by the State Intellectual Property Office, and Liaoning Provincial People’s Government, and hosted by Dalian Municipal People’s Government, the Patent Fair 2018 is the highest class of fair in patent field in China. This fair is also an international patent technology and products exhibition with high profile and great influence worldwide.

With the theme “Patenting Leading High-Quality Industrial Development”, the Patent Fair 2018 aims to attract patented technologies and products related to:

  • Intelligent Manufacturing
  • New Generation of IT
  • Clean Energy
  • New Materials
  • 3D Printing
  • Low-carbon Technologies
  • And Technologies related to people’s livelihood


  • 智能制造
  • 新一代信息技术
  • 清洁能源
  • 新材料
  • 3D打印
  • 低碳技术
  • 民生科技

Renowned institutes, universities and enterprises, such as Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (where the China’s leading clean energy lab is located), Port of Dalian, Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co. Ltd, Dalian University of Technology, Dalian Maritime University, Nanjing Agricultural University, Eight National IP Operation Centres etc. will all take part in the exhibition.

During the sessions of the Patent Fair 2018, the British Embassy Beijing and CBBC will be hosting a seminar: UK-China Advanced Manufacturing and IP Seminar as a break-out event. Other than the Patent Fair 2018 and UK-China Advanced Manufacturing and IP Seminar, the CBBC Delegation will also visit local manufacturing companies as well. The initial programme is as follows,
在专交会期间, 英国驻华大使馆和英中贸易协会将共同举办中英先进制造产业与知识产权研讨会。会序及代表团在大连的日程如下:

Thursday, 23rd – Friday, 24th August 2018

Agenda of UK-China Advanced Manufacturing and IP Seminar, Dalian

Thursday, 23rd August 823日周四
Transfer from Shangri-La to Dalian Huayuankou
Visiting manufacturing companies in Huayuankou
1.博融新材料 Visiting Bo Rong New Material
2.爱瑞德纳米膜 Visiting Airuide nanometer film
3.金玛硼业/中比电池 Visiting Jinma Boron Industry/Zhongbi Battery
15:50-16:20中英产业园孵化基地揭牌仪式 Opening ceremony of Sino-UK Advanced Manufacturing Park incubation base
1.花园口管委会致辞 Opening Speech by Huayuankou Gov.
2.英国使馆代表致辞Opening Speech by British Embassy
3.英中贸协代表致辞 Opening Speech by CBBC
16:30-17:30花园口-银帆宾馆 Travel from Huyuankou to Yinfan Hotel
17:30-19:00晚宴 Dinner in Yinfan Hotel
19:00-19:30银帆宾馆-香格里拉酒店 Travel from Yinfan hotel to Shangri-La hotel
Friday, 24th August 824日周五
VIP meeting with government officials
Visiting the 11th China International Patent Fair, the UK and Sino-UK (Dalian) Advanced Manufacturing Industry Model Park Pavilion
11:20-12:45午餐 Lunch
UK-China Advanced Manufacturing and IP Seminar, Dalian
第一部分 开幕致辞
Part One Opening Speech
会场Venue:大连世博广场7a+b  Dalian World Expo Centre 7a+b
13:00-13:30签到 Registration
Opening Speech by official of British Embassy (TBC)
Speech by Dalian Science and Technology Bureau
Speech by Sino-UK (Dalian) Advanced Manufacturing Industry Model Park
13:45-13:50英中贸易协会先进制造及运输行业资讯副总监 徐慧
Mark Xu, Assistant Director, Sector Lead for Advanced Manufacturing and Transportation
第二部分 中英双方政府解读两国制造业发展
Part Two Advanced Manufacturing in China and the UK
Keynote speech by official from Department for International Trade(DIT)主题:英国制造业
Topic: Advanced Manufacturing in the UK
14:00-14:15英中贸易协会先进制造及运输行业咨询副总监 徐慧
Mark Xu, Assistant Director, Sector Lead for Advanced Manufacturing and Transportation主题:中国制造2025分析报告发布
Topic: Made in China 2025 Report
Investment Promotion for Sino-UK (Dalian) Advanced Manufacturing Industry Model Park
14:30-14:50茶歇 Tea Break
第三部分 在中国保护知识产权
Part Three Protecting IPs in China
Keynote speech by UK manufacturing company
Keynote speech by UK manufacturing company
Keynote speech by UK IP company
Keynote speech by Dalian Science and Technology/Dalian manufacturing company
Keynote speech by Dalian IP company
Panel Discussion: How to protect IPs in manufacturing industry
第四部分 英中企业对接活动
Part Four One-to-One Business Matching
16:00-17:00One to one business matching


This event is open to both members and non-members.

Free exhibition booth, one night free accommodation and free meals will be provided to CBBC members. For CBBC non-members, the cost is RMB 3000 per person to join the delegation with booth, accommodation and meals provided.
会员可免费参团,并可获得专交会期间免费展位一个,8月23日一晚免费住宿及代表团在大连期间免费餐食。非会员参团费用为RMB 3000/人,并可获得专交会期间免费展位一个,8月23日一晚免费住宿及代表团在大连期间免费餐食。

For those who would like to exhibit during the fair, please send inquiry to below contacts. Please register before 31st of July, 2018.

Event Details

Start date: 2018-08-23

End date: 2018-08-26

Start time: 09:00

End time: 17:00

Venue: Dalian World Expo Centre

Directions: Dalian

Email: cathy.chen@cbbc.org.cn, catherine.cheng@cbbc.org.cn

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