2019 Women in Leadership Forum – The Power of Equality 2019 女性领导力论坛 – 平等的力量


While issues surrounding gender equality in the workplace have become more prominent than before, women continue to face a myriad of challenges in the workplace and particularly at the senior leadership level. How can women overcome the barriers to attaining senior roles and what can men do to facilitate this? What role can corporations play in fostering women in leadership positions and what are some of the trends we are seeing? At the 5th Women in Leadership Forum, we will focus on unleashing the power of female leaders across business, government, academia, and sports in China and around the world.


Featuring insights from The Hon. Gabrielle Williams MP, Minister for Women, Youth, and Prevention of Family Violence, Victorian State Government of Australia; H.E. Helena Sangeland, Ambassador of Sweden to China; H.E. Clare Fearnley, Ambassador of New Zealand to China; Li Na, former professional tennis player, CKGSB Alumna; Xiaoping Yang, Chairman and President of BP China, among many other speakers, this forum will offer inspirational and practical business takeaways, as well as the opportunity to network with leaders across multiple industries. Click here to view the full event agenda.


The Women in Leadership Forum has become a flagship event jointly held since 2013 by the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) and United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN WOMEN). As a platform for empowering female leaders, promoting gender equality in the workplace, celebrating success stories, and offering opportunities to create positive change, the Women in Leadership Forum offers unique insights from distinguished leaders like Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook’s COO), Barbara Woodward (British Ambassador to China), Jan Adams (Former Australian Ambassador to China) and Jean Liu (President of Didi Chuxing Technology Co), among many others.


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Co-organizers: CKGSB, UN Women
Date & Time: 13:30 – 18:30, November 20, 2019
Location: 99 Jinbao St, Dong Dan, Dongcheng, Regent Hotel, Beijing
Language: English and Chinese
Supporting Organizations: Amcham, Austcham, SwissCham, Britcham, Development Reimagined



2019 女性领导力论坛 – 平等的力量

2019.11.20 北京


此次论坛汇集了来自国内外的重量级嘉宾,其中包括Gabrielle Williams, 澳大利亚联邦维多利亚州政府妇女事务、青少年事务、反家庭暴力部长,瑞典王国驻华大使Helena Sangeland,新西兰驻华大使 Clare Fearnley, 前职业女子网球选手、长江商学院EMBA校友李娜、以及BP中国区董事长兼总裁杨筱萍等。点击查看完整会议日程。

女性领导力论坛由长江商学院和联合国促进性别平等和增强妇女权能署(联合国妇女署)共同举办,聚焦女性领袖在社会及经济发展中的多重角色。 自2013年首次举办,该论坛已成为赋能女性领导者、推动职场性别平等、分享成功故事、并引领积极变革的平台。历年论坛的演讲嘉宾包括脸书首席运营官Sheryl Sandberg女士、英国驻华大使Barbara Woodward女士、前澳大利亚驻华大使Jan Adams女士、以及滴滴出行总裁柳青女士等。



主办机构:长江商学院,联合国妇女署活动时间:2019年11月20日,13:30 – 18:30活动地点:北京市东城区金宝街99号,丽晶酒店 语言:中英同传合作机构:中国美国商会,中国英国商会,中国澳大利亚商会,中国瑞士商会,睿纳新国际咨询

Event Details

Start date: 2019/11/20

End date: 2019/11/20

Start time: 13:30

End time: 18:30

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