[Beijing] 2017 Pizza Festival



The British Chamber of Commerce is pleased to be supporting the 2017 Pizza Festival being hosted by TheBeijinger.
We’re currently wading through the swamp that is the Beijing summer, which means that sat firmly on the horizon is a crusty, oven-baked and oval object, sopping with cheese and tomatoey goodness, signalling the impending encroachment of autumn.
That’s right, Beijing, our annual Pizza Festival, marking the launch of this year’s Pizza Cup, is now only a mere two months away, this year falling on September 16-17 at Wangjing Soho. That means that we’re already well into preparations for what has over the past four years been the biggest celebration of pizza event that China has ever seen in its 5,000-year-strong history.
With over 30 pizza vendors, 20 breweries, wine vendors, and even ice cream sellers to keep you cool, the Beijinger’s Pizza Festival will reunite some of the city’s best food and drink outlets, giving you the opportunity to try them all!

This year’s fest will keep that dream alive, taking on a carnival theme to bring a splash of colour to Beijing. There’ll be music from some of the city’s best live performers, including The Hunters, The Mac Daddies, and several DJs including thebeijinger exclusive DJ one and the only “Cousin kippy”, as well as carnival games, magic shows, and carnival dancers.

Best of all, there’ll be over 50 food and drink vendors to make sure you never go hungry over the entire two-day festival. If that wasn’t enough, you may even see the biggest dough toss of all time or take a ride on the dreamy carousel, selfie time! Or join the funny sumo fight!
Tickets for the event will cost RMB 25 at the door, RMB 20 advance, which will also snag you a free picnic blanket.
So, mark the dates in your calendar, snag your tickets early, and start making a mental note of all the pizza shove into your face from now until September so that you can better revel in the joy that is the Beijinger’s 2017 Pizza Festival.
What to wear?
Carnival costume | Colorful accessory | Fun festival spiritRegister:
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Event Details

Start date: 2017-09-16

End date: 2017-09-17

Start time: 11:00 p.m.

End time: 08:00 p.m.

Venue: Wangjing SOHO

Directions: Wangjing Street at Fu An Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Email: marketing@truerun.com

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