[Beijing] Masterclass Series: How to Pass Down “Bad News” in Organisational Change



HR Training: How to Pass Down “Bad News” in Organisational Change
– Effective Exit Interviews
人力资源培训课:组织变革中如何传递“坏消息” – 有效的离职面谈
The course will be conducted by Chinese. Please scroll down for the description in Chinese.
As a HR professional, it’s inevitable that sometimes you need to play the role of messenger for bad news. It may be a performance interview, salary decrease, warning, or, even worse, a lay-off. The challenges of this task are, without question, substantial. The sharpest question is usually “why me?” If such a question isn’t handled well, it will probably cause harm to both the messenger and the receiver.
Through this lecture and case study, HR professionals and managers will:
  • Understand the potential risks to the organization during the interview
  • Know the right way to communicate the news and explain the policies
  • Understand emotions and behaviours that employees may display, and how to deal with them in a caring and professional way
  • Identify your role in the interview and adjust your emotional states accordingly
  • Know third party roles and duties, and consult with them when necessary
Course outline
Part 1: Objectives in Exit Interview
  • Calm the employee
  • Avoid potential risks
  • Maintain the organization’s image
Part 2: Interviewer’s role and mental preparation
  • Interviewer’s role preparation
  • Interviewer’s mental preparation
Part 3: Communication with the employee in exit interview
  • Basic principles of communication
  • Steps of accepting the changes
  • Steps and skills of communication
  • Deal with the employee’s negative emotions
  • Case study and role play
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09:00 Morning Session
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Afternoon Session
Jeanne Liang
Master in Social Psychology
Jeanne obtained her bachelor degree in psychology at Peking University, and then obtained her master in the School of Sociology at Nanjing University. Jeanne worked at a Global 500 company for more than six years and was responsible for training and management. Later, she changed her career to counseling.
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作为一名专业HR, 有时难免要承担一份沉重的责任–做“坏消息”的传递者。可能是绩效面谈、降薪、处分,甚至更严峻的情况:裁员。传递坏消息带来的沟通挑战毋庸置疑,最尖锐的问题莫过于“Why me?”如果不能很好地应对这个问题,可能同时给信息传递者和接收者造成伤害。
  • 了解离职面谈给组织带来的潜在风险;
  • 掌握员工可以接受的访视说明&解释公司政策;
  • 理解员工在离职阶段可能出现的情绪&行为反应,以专业&关怀的态度应对;
  • 认识自己在面谈中扮演的角色,适当地调整自己的情绪状态;
  • 了解第三方顾问的角色和工作,及时寻求顾问的支持;
  • 安抚离职员工
  • 避免潜在风险
  • 维护企业形象
  • 面谈者的角色准备
  • 面谈者的情绪准备
  • 沟通的基本原则
  • 接受转变的过程
  • 沟通的具体步骤和方法
  • 初步处理员工的负面情绪
  • 案例研讨及演练
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09:00 上午课程
12:00 午餐
13:00 下午课程

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