Launching Your New Stores in China: Tips for Newbies And Oldbies


China’s retail market continues to provide opportunities for new entrants and brand expansion, driven by the government’s aggressive urbanisation objectives.  But with new shopping malls popping up all over China and the rapid growth of online shops, businesses now face major challenges to identify the right locations for their brands and their online and offline (O+O) strategy.  As a result, many brands have failed to establish themselves and have reversed or revised strategies, so how can you avoid making the same mistakes?
In this first of a series of webinars, our speakers will provide you with insights on:
• finding the right location to reach your target customers
• developing an effective O+O strategy
• applying new retail concepts to drive your business development strategy
• negotiating with landlords
• aligning construction deadlines with government approvals
• establishing banking facilities ready for the first day of business
• building HR actions into your plan to avoid compliance issues.
Who should attend this webinar?
– CEOs, CFOs and other finance professionals in the retail industry
– Chief Strategy Officers and professionals
– Real Estate Managers
– HR Executives

About Our Speakers
Daria Kruk – Senior Commercial Manager, TMF Group

Having spent the last decade in China, Daria has vast experience in providing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) services, including pre-investment assessment, corporate services, accounting and exit strategy, as well as international corporate compliance to accounting, HR and legal-related matters for well-known luxury and premium fashion brands.
Robin Rao – Head of Retail Service, Cushman & Wakefield

Robin leads a team working closely with retailers and developers to provide multi-categories of service, including consultancy, leasing and tenant representative. Robin has over 20 years of retail-related experience, especially in entry and expansion strategy, and in the field of “new retail”, such as big data and new media communication.

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Event Details

Start date: 2018-03-15

End date: 2018-03-15

Start time: 17:30

End time: 18:15

Venue: Online

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