September 2018 – Are You Ready To Meet With The Top UK Schools Admissions Officers?


BE is once again providing students and families who are interested in British education with the exclusive opportunity to have an interview with the Top UK Schools enrolment officers. This September 2018, BE Education will host the 2018 UK Top Boarding Schools Chinese Student Enrollment Forum and has already invited admissions officers from the top schools in the world to attend. Students won’t have to take time out of their study schedule to travel abroad to attend these interviews, instead they can sign up to the forum at either of our locations in Beijing or Shanghai.
BE教育再次对英国留学有兴趣的学生和家庭提供跟Top英校招生官们一对一现场面试的独特机会。今年九月份,BE教育将会举办2018英国精英寄宿学校中国招生峰会,并且已经邀请了全球尖顶学校的招生官们参加。 报名参加这次在上海或北京的BE峰会,学生不用暂停学习课程出国就能参加学校面试。

During the forum the UK Top Schools admissions officers will carry out one on one admissions interviews with the students who have successfully applied, and these students will have the chance to receive a conditional offer from these elite schools

The forum will also include panel discussions with the admissions officers on various aspects of education including,

  • Single-gender schools vs. mixed-schools; what are the advantages
  • All-inclusive boarding schools vs. non all-inclusive boarding schools
  • How to choose between academic schools and vocational schools
  • How to schedule homework and holiday work
  • Q&A


  • 单性别学校与混校的特色和优势
  • 全寄宿学校与非全寄宿的比较
  • 学术和特长,择校时该如何选择
  • 家庭作业和假期作业如何安排
  • 互动问答

Event schedule

September 14, 2018
Nine Dragon Hall, 4th Floor, Kerry Hotel, Beijing
No. 1 Guanghua Road (near north east corner of the Jintong East Road crossroads)

September 16, 2018
Diamond Hall, 3rd Floor, Westin Hotel, no. 88 Henan Road, Huangpu District







Why enroll into the UK
s Top Schools?


Many parents across the globe prefer a British education for their children as British schools provide an extensive and thorough traditional education. The school campuses themselves are not only beautiful but also provide a safe environment for the children to learn and grow. Further, the British teaching philosophy of ‘raising children to gain key skills and have an all-round development’ is very popular among parents, as is the high enrolment rate of students from UK schools into some of the top universities in the world.

UK Secondary Schools also emphasise the importance of independent study and opportunities for students to freely choose their GCSE and A-level subjects. In this way the students can focus and direct their interests and skills, as a result, when students start university many of them will have already reached a certain level of maturity and will be able to adapt to university life more easily.

With the spread of globalisation the number of international students in the UK has steadily increased and has in turn created more diverse school atmospheres. The international and out-ward looking environments these schools provide help children gain a global consciousness and be more prepare for future international careers.

How to apply for the admissions interview

The pre-testing system has already opened.

*The pre-test must be taken before getting the opportunity to have an interview with the admissions officers. On the day of the event, only those students who have taken the pre-test and have obtained the correct qualifications will be allowed to attend an interview.

Step 1. Attend the pre-test
*The pre-test includes:
Testing at a CAT4 research and development test centre

  • It tests literacy, numeracy and reasoning.

Step 2.
Qualify to attend the student admissions one on one interview

Step 3.
On the day of the event have a one on one interview with the admissions officers

Those who have an outstanding interview will be able to directly take the school’s admissions test and have the opportunity to obtain a conditional offer!




Step 1. 参加预测试*
机考 由CAT4考试中心研发,包括英文读写能力、计算能力和逻辑推理能力在内的专业综合考试

Step 2. 获取招生官一对一面试资格

Step 3. 活动当日与招生官进行一对一面试


Visiting Schools

Elite UK Boys’ Schools

Abingdon School

  • 1% of students attain A*-B grades at A-level
  • 15% of students board, of which 10% are international students
  • Many students enroll into Oxford, Cambridge, LSE and St. Andrew’s University

Abingdon School 阿宾顿学校

  • 1%的学生在A-level考试中获得A*-B
  • 寄宿生比例15%,国际生比例10%
  • 多被牛津,剑桥,伦敦政经,圣安德鲁斯大学录取

Sherborne School

  • 7% of students attain A*-B grades at A-level
  • 93% of students board, of which 7% are international students
  • The alma mater of the father of maths, logic and intellect, Alan Turing

Sherborne School 谢伯恩学校

  • 7%的学生在A-level考试中获得A*-B
  • 寄宿生比例93%,国际生比例7%
  • 数学家,逻辑学家及人类智能之父,Alan Turing (图灵)的母校

Elite UK Girls’ Schools

Downe House

  • 6% of students attain A*-B grades at A-level
  • 96% of students board, of which 8% are international students
  • 90% of students enroll into Russell Group Universities and Ivy League Universities
  • Provide IB/GCSE, A-level, and Pre-U courses

Downe House 唐屋女子中学

  • 6%的学生在A-level考试中获得A*-B
  • 寄宿生比例96%,国际生比例8%
  • 90%的学生进入罗素集团及常春藤大学,开设IB/GCSE,A-level, Pre-U课程

Queenswood School

  • 54% of students attain A*-A grades at A-level
  • 40% of students board, of which 20% are international students
  • Received the Best Schools’ award for highest academic achievement, many students enroll into Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol, Warwick and many other top universities
  • The ‘Iron Lady’ selected this school for her daughter’s education

Queenswood School 昆斯伍德学校

  • 54%的学生在A-level考试中获得A*-A
  • 寄宿生比例40%,国际生比例20%
  • 荣获Best Schools颁发的优秀学术表现奖,学生多考取牛津,剑桥,布鲁斯托,华威大学等顶尖名校,“铁娘子”撒切尔夫人为女儿选择的学校

Elite Mixed Schools

Marlborough College

  • 78% of students attain A*-B grades at A-level
  • 96% of students board, of which 1% are international students
  • In 2017, 84% of students enrolled into their first choice of university such as, Oxford, Imperial College, and Durham etc. It is also the alma mater of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

Marlborough College马尔堡学校

  • 78%的学生在A-level考试中获得A*-B
  • 寄宿生比例96%,国际生比例1%
  • 84%的学生在2017年考入了第一志愿如牛津,剑桥,帝国理工,杜伦等,凯特王妃的母校

Bromsgrove School

  • 80% of students attain A*-B grades at A-level, IB course average score is 39.1
  • 46% of students board, of which 32% are international students
  • Offers GCSE, A-level and IB courses, all of the teachers graduated from Oxford or Cambridge

Bromsgrove School布罗蒙思林苑学校

  • 80%的学生在A-level考试中获得A*-B,IB课程平均成绩1
  • 寄宿生比例46%,国际生比例32%
  • 开设GCSE,A-level及IB课程,教师多为牛剑毕业背景

Bryanston School

  • 9% of students attain A*-B grades at A-level, IB course average is 34
  • 86% of students board, of which 10% are international students
  • School of ‘The Father of Genetics’ and two time Noble Prize Award winner, Frederick Sanger Bryanston
  • Famous across the UK for its ‘one on one teaching system’

Bryanston School布菜恩斯顿学校

  • 9%的学生在A-level考试中获得A*-B,IB课程成绩突出,平均成绩34
  • 寄宿生比例86%,国际生比例10%
  • 基因学之父,两次若贝尔奖获得者Frederick Sanger母校,以“一对一导师制”闻名全英

Caterham School

  • 90% of students attain A*-B grades at A-level
  • 18% of students board, of which 12% are international students
  • Every year 10-15% of students enroll into Oxford or Cambridge
  • Offers GCSE and A-levels

Caterham School凯特汉姆学校

  • 90%的学生在A-level考试中获得A*-B
  • 寄宿生比例18%,国际生比例12%
  • 每年都有10%到15%的毕业生进入年仅或者剑桥,开设GCSE和A-level课程

Dean Close Senior School

  • 72% of students attain A*-B grades at A-level
  • 49% of students board, of which 17% are international students
  • Has provided a specialist tutoring system for more than 12 years, every year hold more than 50 music concerts

Dean Close Senior School 丁克洛斯中学

  • 72%的学生在A-level考试中获得A*-B
  • 寄宿生比例49%,国际生比例17%
  • 12年级开始设有特色导师制度,每年会举办超过50场音乐会

Millfield School

  • 33% of students attain A*-A grades at A-level
  • 75% of students board, of which 20% are international students
  • It is known as the best sports school in the UK, it’s the alma mater of many prizes winning international athletic champions
  • After graduation 29% of students will enroll in to the Top 20 universities

Millfield School 米尔菲尔德学校

  • 33%的学生在A-level考试中获得A*-A
  • 寄宿生比例75%,国际生比例20%
  • 被称为英国体育最棒的学校,拿过多种运动项目的全国冠军,29%的学生毕业后入读全英Top20的大学

Oakham School

  • 42% of students attain A*-A grades at A-level, IB course average is 36.1
  • 50% of students board, of which 16% are international students
  • From the first year the schools provides application assistance directly aimed at applying to Oxford, Cambridge and medical universities,
  • Offers GCSE, A-levels, IB and Pre-U courses

Oakham School奥克汉学校

  • 42%的学生在A-level考试中获得A*-A,IB课程平均分1
  • 寄宿生比例50%,国际生比例16%
  • 从高一开始既有针对牛剑及医学院的大学申请帮助,开设A-level,IB,Pre-U课程

Wells Cathedral School

  • Around 75% of students attain A*-B grades at A-level
  • 47% of students board, of which 17% are international students
  • One of only 5 schools that receive official government funding for its musical programs, famous across the UK for its music and maths departments, students will go on to the Royal Academy of Music, conservatoires, drama schools, Trinity College Cambridge etc.

Wells Cathedral School 威尔士教堂学校

  • 75%的学生在A-level考试中获得A*-B
  • 寄宿生比例47%,国际生比例17%
  • 5所受政府音乐专项资助的学校之一,音乐与数学全英闻名,毕业生去向为英国皇家音乐学院,市政厅音乐及戏剧学院,剑桥大学三一学院等

*The above information comes from the 2017 edition of HURUN SCHOOLS GUIDE

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