STEAM Education Roundtable in Chengdu


STEAM Education Roundtable in Chengdu

You are cordially invited to a roundtable on STEAM Education on Monday, 16th April 2018, 14:00-17:00 in Chengdu at Jade Learning House (Unit 2, Building 4, Wisdom Plaza, Tianfu 3rd Street). Registration will start from 13:45.


With rapid changes taking place in modern technology, whether our education system is well prepared to nurture skilful and innovative scientists, engineers, and creative talents is a huge issue for China’s national competitiveness. STEAM integrates subjects including Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics, and is becoming more important globally. STEAM is a teaching approach that lets students take thoughtful risks, and engage in experimental learning and problem-solving.


In recent years, STEAM has become an important issue in China. However, the implementation of STEAM education has also witnessed some problems; for example, the majority of STEAM curriculums are only available in private education institutions. While some schools have STEAM classes, this approach has not been integrated into a course syllabus or regular teaching. The lack of clear understanding of the concept and related studies has also made STEAM practices difficult to integrate and evaluate in China.


The STEAM Education Roundtable in Chengdu is organised by CBBC and will create a platform for UK and Chinese education experts, leaders from Chinese and international schools, as well as representatives from course development companies, to share and discuss insights and experiences in STEAM education in southwest China and beyond.


Agenda 会议日程

Opening speech
Introduction of guests
STEAM education in the UK
STEAM education in China
STEAM education curriculum development in China
Roundtable discussion
Closing remarks


Dr Nicole Li

Dr Juerong (Nicole) Li, Founder of Karltons Education, holds a doctorate degree in Physics from the University of Surrey, UK. She is an active quantum physicist and her research is mainly focused on realising Quantum Computers. Dr Li also works as a project manager and manages a GBP 10 million EPSRC funded research project. She has had many scientific papers published in high impact-factor journals, including Nature. Her educational background and an understanding of both the Chinese and UK education systems motivated her to establish Karlton Education which aims to provide the latest technological research information to young children. Dr Li hopes that she can be a role model to women and girls who are looking to pursue careers in STEM.

李珏蓉(Nicole Li) 博士是Karltons教育咨询公司创始人(。目前她主要从事对量子计算机的研究和实现并管理由英国政府出资(EPSRC)GBP 10 million的科研项目。她在世界一级科研刊物上发表了十几篇文章,包括《自然》杂志等。正是由于她对科技教育的热情,以及独特的个人教育经历和对中英教育体系利弊的深入了解促使她在2016年成立了Karltons Education Consultants教育咨询公司。公司致力于通过STEAM教育理念与为孩子们提供第一手的科技研发信息,并利用自行设计制作的Demo将复杂抽象的科学简单易懂,激发孩子们对科学的兴趣。

Dr Will Percy

Dr Will Percy, WCBS China Director of Operations, has over a decade of school leadership experience in China, leading in bilingual, state, and international schools. As a former Headmaster in bi-lingual schools and National Director of Academic Technology at WCBS, he has particular interest in creating systems to support students in developing creative and Design Thinking skills to support trans-disciplinary STEAM projects in their real world application. Dr Percy also specialises in developing support systems to foster effective faculty reflection, knowledge exchange, and development within STEAM projects.

Will Percy博士,目前就任英国WCBS公司中国运营总监,拥有十余年在中国双语学校、公办学校和国际学校的管理经验。Dr Percy 对于开发和利用信息系统帮助学生在跨学科的STEAM项目中培养创新和设计思维能力方面有浓厚兴趣。Dr Percy 还致力于研究如何通过信息系统在STEAM项目中帮助教师有效地跟踪教学成果,并实现知识的交流和发展。

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Event Details

Start date: 2018-04-16

Start time: 14:00

End time: 17:00

Venue: Jade Learning House

Directions: Unit 2, Building 4, Wisdom Plaza, Tianfu 3rd Street


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