UK-China Intellectual Property Forum


Following the success of the UK-China Intellectual Property Forum in Shenzhen in 2016, CBBC and BritCham Guangdong are organising the second UK-China Intellectual Property Forum in Shenzhen.

Why Shenzhen again?
In 2017, Shenzhen…

  • Selected as the place for National Innovation Protection Centre by the Patent Protection Association of China;
  • The number of patent applications reaching 177,000, up by 34.8% compared to the previous year;
  • 20,000 PCT international patent applications, accounting for 43.1% of the national total;
  • DJI and Huawei winning the Madrid Trademark Registration Special Contribution Award;
  • The number of newly registered computer software copyrights reaching 84,000, accounting for 11.6% of the national total registrations…
  • Still a dynamic city with great government input toward maintaining an “innovation driven” economy.

With several innovation indicators leading in the nation or even in the world, what makes Shenzhen transform successfully in such a short time and what are the secrets behind it? Shenzhen’s answer to this is Intellectual Property development. Hence why we have chosen to talk about IP again in this city.

Promote Your Company as an Industry leader in Such a City
CBBC and BritCham Guangdong will organise the half-day forum attended by around 80-100 people. It will focus on recent developments in Intellectual Property, share insights from legal specialists, as well as provide ample opportunities for business networking with visionary entrepreneurs and industry experts from Shenzhen companies and foreign companies with base in Shenzhen and across Guangdong. Tentative agenda is as below.

Events in the Past

Who will attend this year?
Focused sectors include digital, ICT, retail brands, electronics, etc.

  • 50% Chinese companies with needs protecting IP in UK/EU;
  • 40% foreign companies with needs protecting IP in China;
  • 10% media, IP agents, etc.

Agenda of 2018

Time 时间Item 内容
14:00-14:20Welcome Speeches
14:20-14:35Theme1: Gov Support on IP Protection

By Gov officials/industry associations

14:35-15:20Theme 2: Chinese Companies Protecting IP in the  UK and EU
主题2: 中国企业在欧洲保护知识产权

By Law Firm (TBC)

Topic 1: EU Patent Registration
Topic 2: Trade Mark Registration in the UK and EU
Topic  3: Digital & Innovation IP Protection in UK
Topic 4: Cross-border IP Litigation

15:20-15:35Tea break
15:35-16:20Theme 2: Protecting your IPs in China
主题2: 中国保护知识产权

By Law Firm (TBC)

Topic 1: Patent Enforcement in China
Topic 2: Online IP Protection
话题2 :互联网环境下的知产保护
Topic 3: Impact of Reform of State IP Office
话题3 :知产局重组带来的影响
Topic 4: IP Finance in the Greater Bay Area
Topic 5: Counterfeit Goods Investigation  & Enforcement

16:20-16:35Theme 3: Shenzhen Company IP & Innovation Case Study
主题3: 深圳企业分享知识产权保护&创新
16:35-17:00Q & A

Note: Final topics will depend on speakers’ expertise.

CBBC has been continuously working on protecting the interests of UK companies and Chinese companies with offices in the UK in the past. It signed agreement with JD.COM, Alibaba and WeChat in the past years to put in place a mechanism which enables related rights-holders to engage directly with those platforms, highlight concerns and discuss priority issues.

MoU Signing with JD.COM, Alibaba and WeChat Respectively

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