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Tuesday, 24th April @ 9.30am GMT
Woodburn webinars 2/5: 7 reasons a Limited Liability Company formation is the best onshore option in the Chinese mainland
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Launching new businesses is a popular activity in China. According to a report by China’s Administration for Industry and Commerce (AIC) released on 14 January 2016, the number of companies in China is 77,469,000. Officially all companies in China must register with the AIC – from small noodle restaurants to monolithic state-owned enterprises. The figures that really caught our attention were those about the rising number of companies in China, which is growing at a rate of 11.8% per year. On average during 2015 there has been an astonishing 12,000 new companies being registered each day in China. This equates to over 4 million new companies per year! The AIC defines small businesses as those with a registered capital of less than RMB 20 million. Of the approximately 12,000 companies which are currently being registered daily this year, it was reported that 96.62% fit this criterion. A Limited Liability Company (LLC) structure in China looks the same as anywhere else: an independent legal entity owned by one or multiple shareholders. But there are plenty of good reasons why LLCs are so popular in this part of the world. The LLC structure allows companies and startups to trade directly with the local market in domestic China.

Doing business in China now or planning to enter the China market in the future?  Woodburn Accountants & Advisors offers a series of COMPLIMENTARY interactive workshop webinars that provide you with information and tools to enrich your China business skills and enhance your market entry efforts to achieve success on the Chinese market.

Who is this series for?
The series is aimed at international companies focused on inbound China investments. The companies are manufacturing in China, exporting from China, selling to China and offering a variety of services within China. They range from start-up organizations to multinational and publicly-listed companies.

What to expect?

  • Obtain the latest updates on local laws/regulations
  • Be equipped with practical solutions and best practices to tackle the most challenging issues in doing business in China

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Start date: 2018-04-24

Start time: 09:30

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