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Thursday, 26th April @ 9.30am GMT
Woodburn webinars 4/5: 10 reasons why some businesses are NOT successful in the Chinese market
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There are millions of smart business ideas – millions of entrepreneurs setting up companies to deliver a brilliant product or service. China has more than its fair share of exciting startups, which means the culture here is ripe for business success. Yet we hear from many companies who have successfully set up their business but have become frustrated by their inability to grow. For one reason or another their progress has slowed, and they are looking for something to kick-start them towards expansion. In a surprising number of cases, it is the business owner / overseas office who is responsible for the stagnation of the company. The inspiration, single-mindedness, perseverance and attention to detail that breathed life into the business in the first place can become the millstone that drags it down. It’s important, then, for all companies to be aware of the traits within themselves that can lead to the arrested development of their enterprise.

Doing business in China now or planning to enter the China market in the future?  Woodburn Accountants & Advisors offers a series of COMPLIMENTARY interactive workshop webinars that provide you with information and tools to enrich your China business skills and enhance your market entry efforts to achieve success on the Chinese market.

Who is this series for?
The series is aimed at international companies focused on inbound China investments. The companies are manufacturing in China, exporting from China, selling to China and offering a variety of services within China. They range from start-up organizations to multinational and publicly-listed companies.

What to expect?

  • Obtain the latest updates on local laws/regulations
  • Be equipped with practical solutions and best practices to tackle the most challenging issues in doing business in China

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Start date: 2018-04-26

Start time: 09:30

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