[Xian] Launch of the CBBC’s ‘Made in China 2025’ Report


Made in China 2025
“Made in China 2025” is the Chinese version of “Industry 4.0”, which was approved by Premier Li Keqiang and was announced by the State Council on May 8, 2015. The plan proposes the Three-step Strategy of building a strong country in three decades, which serves as the platform of action for the first ten years. “Strategic Planning of 2025 Made in China” includes ten major industries, including a new generation of information technology industry, high-end CNC machine tools and robots, Marine engineering equipment and ships, rail transportation equipment, and advanced high technology, advanced rail transportation equipment, energy-saving and new energy vehicles, electric power equipment, agricultural machinery and equipment, new materials, biological medicine and high performance medical devices.


Made in Shaanxi 2025
Shaanxi is famous for manufacture sector, with strong capability in terms of high-end manufacture, aerospace, new automobile, power equipment, and active innovative vitality amongst universities and research institutes. In 2016, 407,765 million RMB production value was realised by equipment manufacture sector in Shaanxi.


CBBC Made in China 2025 Report
The China-Britain Business Council’s new report, ‘Made in China 2025’, compiled with the support of UK Department for International Trade, was formally launched in May 2016. The report introduces the background to China’s state-level ‘Made in China 2025’ initiative, describing the status quo and predicted future trends in the 10 priority sectors and the supporting policies adopted by regional governments, as well as our analysis of the opportunities and challenges British companies will encounter as this long-term development plan unfolds.

The report also analyses the UK’s strengths in the 10 corresponding sectors – including technological capabilities, research capacity and the major British players each field – as well as the UK catapult centre model.

The prime objective of the report is to help the two sides understand each other better, helping British companies understand what China needs in order to move up the value chain and achieve the goals of the MIC 2025 plan, while also demonstrating to Chinese companies the UK’s technological and research prowess and its experience in developing smart manufacturing.


 Opening Speech by Mr. Kyle Wang, Director of West China, China-Britain Business Council
09:40-09:50: Leader of Xi’an Municipal People’s Government
09:50-10:00: Shaanxi Provincial Department of Commerce
Subject: Equipment Manufacturing Industry in Shaanxi
10:00-10:10: Mr. David Bull, Deputy Director for China (Advanced Manufacturing & Transport), Department for International Trade
Subject: Manufacture Sector in UK
10:10-10:25: Mr. Mark Xu, Assistant Director for Advanced Manufacturing and Transportation, China-Britain Business Council
Subject: Launch of CBBC’s ‘Made in China 2025’ Report
10:25-10:35: Ms. Qingyun Ma, Chief Representative in Chongqing, Wales Government
Subject: Cooperative Opportunities in Manufacturing Sector in Wales
10:35-10:45: UK company (TBC)
10:45-10:55: UK company (TBC)
10:55-11:05: Shaanxi Company (TBC)
11:05-11:15: Shaanxi Company (TBC)
11:15-11:25: Tea Break
11:25-11:45: UK & Chinese Company B2B Matchmaking
11:45-11:50: Free Discussion, End of Program

09:40-09:50: 陕西省人民政府领导
09:50-10:00: 陕西省商务厅
10:00-10:10: 英国国际贸易部尖端制造及交通行业副总监
10:10-10:25: 英中贸易协会先进制造与交通行业助理总监徐慧
10:25-10:35: 英国威尔士政府重庆办公室首席代表马青云
10:35-10:45: 英国企业代表
10:45-10:55: 英国企业代表
10:55-11:05: 陕西制造业代表
11:05-11:15: 陕西制造业代表
11:15-11:25: 茶歇
11:25-11:45: 英中企业对接(每轮10分钟,共两轮)
11:45-11:50: 自由交流,活动结束

Event Details

Start date: 2017-09-26

Start time: 09:00

End time: 12:00

Venue: Xian

Directions: TBA

Phone: 010 8525 1111, ext. 391

Email: mark.xu@cbbc.org.cn

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