YCIS Beijing Active Parenting Workshop: From 5 to 12 Years


YCIS Beijing Active Parenting Workshop: From 5 to 12 Years

Active Parenting is a programme for parents designed to develop and build the skills necessary to enhance family life and manage the challenges that children and parents face in this ever changing world.
This workshop will cover topics such as:
–          Use nonviolent discipline that really works 以非暴力的方式教育孩子
–          Open up lines of communication—before they get clogged 在孩子关闭心门前进行开放的沟通
–          Teach responsibility, courage, and other important character traits 教育孩子责任、勇气以及其他重要的性格特质
–          Encourage school success in 7 steps 通过7个步骤鼓励孩子在学校取得优异成绩
–          Prevent future problems with drugs, alcohol, and sex 防止未来可能出现的药物、酒精及性的问题
–          Defuse power struggles with your children 平息您和孩子之间的斗争
–          Stimulate independence as your child grows older 培养孩子的独立性
Active Parenting Ages 5-12 
Dates: March 14  – April 18 (Every Wednesday)
Time: 8:30 am – 10:30 am
Cost: Free
Location: YCIS Beijing Campus
日期:3月14日 – 4月18日(每周三)
时间:8:30 am – 10:30 am
RSVP today by visiting our Yoopay page, or contact us for more information at info@bj.ycef.com.
请通过友付网页或发邮件至info@bj.ycef.com 进行报名。

Event Details

Start date: 2018-03-14

End date: 2018-03-14

Start time: 08:30

End time: 10:30

Venue: YCIS Beijing Campus

Directions: YCIS Beijing Campus

Email: info@bj.ycef.com

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