YCIS Beijing Open Day 北京耀中开放日


You are warmly invited to attend the YCIS Beijing Open Day on October 23rd. Parents will have the opportunity to see the exciting changes taking place across our campus and visit our newly renovated state of the art Learning Communities.



As well as school tours, our Heads of ECE and Primary will hold information sessions on our innovative approaches to teaching, designed to prepare students for the changes and challenges of their generation. The sessions will cover: 除了参观学校之外,我们的幼儿园主管和小学校长将举办关于创新教学方法的分享会,旨在帮助学生为他们将要面临的变化和挑战做好准备。会议将包括:

  • Our unique bilingual programme我们独特的双语课程
  • The benefit of our Learning Community model我们学习社区模式的好处
  • Our integrated character education programme我们的综合品格教育项目


Please note that this Open Day will focus in particular on ECE (aged 2-5 yrs old) and Years 1 and 2 (aged 5-7). If you are interested in seeing another part of the school, please contact our Admissions Department who will be happy to arrange a private tour and answer your questions. We will also be hosting a second Open Day for Years 3-13 in November.



YCIS Beijing campus, 23rd October, 9 a.m.



RSVP by visiting our Yoopay page or by emailing info@bj.ycef.com
请通过友付网页或者发邮件到 info@bj.ycef.com报名

We look forward to seeing you there!



Link: https://yoopay.cn/event/40399986

Event Details

Start date: 2018-10-23

Start time: 09:00

Venue: YCIS Beijing campus

Email: info@bj.ycef.com

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