Firmware Engineer

2022, February 17
Firmware Engineer 17th February 2022

Who we are


Zhilang Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Circle Gas Ltd., a UK company. Our mission is to bring affordable LPG cooking into millions of homes, starting in Kenya and Tanzania. Our cutting-edge Pay-as-you-go Technology makes the switch from unhealthy, environmentally damaging charcoal and kerosene to clean, safe LPG possible. The application of our R&D in IoT, AWS, microfluidics, semiconductors and data analytics will transform the lives of millions of families who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford gas for cooking.


Now is the most exciting time in our company’s story so far, as we have proven our technology and are expanding rapidly. We are looking for passionate, resourceful, and adaptable people to join us at this exciting point on our journey.


Who we are looking for


We are still a young company, so our culture is dynamic, but with over 100 employees across China (and over 1,000 globally) we are not a start-up anymore. Some of the key values that help our team members thrive here are:

  • Teamwork: we are spread out between Beijing, Hangzhou, and Ningbo, plus London, Nairobi, and Dar es Salaam, so we count on good communication, collaboration, and flexibility to meet our ambitious goals.
  • Innovation: we are constantly looking for ways to improve our products and invent new ones, working closely with our customers in Africa as well as with leading Chinese universities. Creative problem solving is key to our success and maintaining our position as the world’s leading pay-as-you-go LPG Smart Meter company.
  • Honesty: if you have feedback, we want to hear it! We value transparency and want to help overcome challenges and learn from our mistakes.


We are looking for an analytical, business-minded machine learning engineer to structure and analyze big data sets from our global customers.




  • Responsible for MCU program development
  • Responsible for writing drivers and applications
  • Keep a continuously improvement on product performance
  • Complete other tasks temporarily assigned by the supervisor




  • Familiar with I2C, SPI, RFID, LCD, ADC, UART, FLASH and other peripheral driver development language/program
  • Proficiency C language, familiar with C++;
  • Proficiency in Linux commands, familiarity with the esp32 SDK environment is preferred
  • Familiar with the principle of BootLoader, experience with it is preferred
  • Familiar with freeertos or RTOS and understand the operating system principles
  • Familiar with STM32, HC32, esp32 and other series of chips, esp32 development experience is preferred
  • Proficiency in using tools, such as keil, git, svn, etc


Sound like you? Please send your CV to Laura:

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