Global PR Internship

2022, January 26
Global PR Internship 26th January 2022

Who is AIG?

Founded in 2013, Asia Innovations Group serves over 520 million users located in over 150 countries and regions worldwide. Focusing on major emerging markets, AIG leverages its track record of innovation, cutting-edge technology, a scalable global infrastructure, and global insights with local expertise to deliver user and shareholder value based on the most exciting growth opportunities in the live social marketplace.


Job description

Passionate about PR? Seeking experience in the industry? Grab the chance and join us! We will show you a comprehensive landscape during your internship!


1.Insight into global communication strategy:

Learn about global market communication trends and establish strategic thinking.

  1. In-depth knowledge of PR work:

Writing reports, corporate branding, market research, media relationship.

  1. Accumulation of practical experience:

Support marketing/brand campaigns, assist in media/KOL promotion plan and management.

What we expect

  1. Highly interested in SNS and global markets.
  2. Fluent written and spoken English for international teamwork.
  3. Proficiency in Microsoft Office.
  4. Be able to work at least 4 days per week; full-time & long-term internship preferred.

What we offer

1.Payment is higher than the average of the industry.

2.Breakfast, afternoon treats, and free unlimited coffee; holiday treats & birthday gifts.

3.Pop-up Terrace Party and Team Building activities

How to apply

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