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2021, May 24
Graphic Designer 24th May 2021


摩卡站是一家总部位于北京,在上海城都设有分店的充满活力不断扩大的餐饮集团, 我们正在寻找一位平面设计师加入我们的市场营销团队。 您将是集团市场团队的重要一员,协助社交媒体、线上线下销售和沟通方面的工作。

您的主要工作将是遵循品牌的视觉形象特点进行原创设计。 您将与您的直属上司商定对策,为预期的目标提供适当的创造性想法和概念。 该工作需要有创造性思维,最新的行业软件知识,以及对时间,成本和项目限期的专业度。


Moka Bros is an dynamic, expanding restaurant group with HQ in Beijing, and restaurants in Shanghai and Beijing. We are looking for a graphic designer to join our marketing team. You will be an essential part of the marketing team of the Group, assisting on social media, online/offline sales & communication strategy.

Your main role will be to create original designs following the brand’s visual identity. You’ll work to a brief agreed with your line manager and will develop appropriate creative ideas and concepts for the desired objectives. The work demands creative flair, up-to-date knowledge of industry software and a professional approach to time, costs and deadlines.




  • 支持市场营销团队开发和制作店内设计和活动物料设计,宣传品(宣传册,横幅,桌卡,海报,线上广告设计),菜单设计
  • 设计社交媒体内容(即微信)
  • 视频及照片编辑,网站设计,摄影艺术方向


  • Support the Marketing team to develop and produce in-store graphics and event graphics, point of sale collateral (brochures, banners, table cards, posters, web-based advertisement), menu design
  • Design social media content (namely WeChat)
  • Video and photo editing, website design, photography art direction



Required Skills/Experience

  • 精通行业标准的图形设计程序(Adobe Illustrator,Photoshop,InDesign),具有视频和Web编辑技能者优先。
  • 性格热情开朗,并渴望在不断发展的多元文化公司中学习多种技能。
  • 具有有效率的日常沟通技巧,也能虚心接受建设性反馈。
  • 具有较强的协调能力和注重细节的工作风格,能灵活地按轻重缓急安排工作。
  • 不需要工作经验,但必须对品牌视觉识别有较强的理解。
  • 良好的英语和汉语读写能力(具有双语工作环境的工作经验者优先)。

全职工作时间为周一至周五10:00-19:00。有时本公司需要灵活的工作时间,之后可以做调休。如果您认为您将是最佳人选,请将您的简历和3个设计样本发送至 Anna。


  • Proficient with industry standard graphic design programs (Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign). Video and web editing skills are a plus.
  • Positive personality, eager to learn and excited about working in a growing multi-cultural company
  • Effective communication skills and the ability to accept constructive feedback.
  • Strong coordination skills with a detail oriented work style. Able to manage priorities.
  • Work experience not necessary but must have strong understanding of brand’s visual identity
  • Strong written and spoken English and Chinese (previous experience working within a bilingual work environment is a plus).

Full time hours are 10:00-19:00 Monday to Friday. Sometimes the industry requires flexible hours, at which you will be given time off in lieu.

If you think you are the best for this job position, please send your CV and 3 design samples to Anna on

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