Hannah Ryder – running for At-large member


As the CEO of Development Reimagined, a pioneering international development consultancy in Beijing, I would like to continue to serve on the British Chamber’s Executive and continue contribute to its mission in China in three ways.

First, I plan to continue to bring an understanding of the needs of determined SMEs like mine in China, help the Chamber both reach out and orient itself to be helpful to them, especially in the wake of COVID19 which has been extremely difficult for SMEs. Second, I will continue to support the Chamber in effective advocacy through the position paper and other key outputs. I will do so because of my own government experience – I worked for over 12 years in the UK Civil Service, including the then Department for Trade and Industry (DTI). Last but not least, having positioned my own firm to provide strategic advice on international issues from the Belt and Road Initiative, green growth and China’s foreign aid, and with my skills in public speaking and writing, I will continue to support the Chamber and members to build up work on UK trilateral cooperation partnerships.  I hope my application will be considered favorably, and I look forward to continuing to make a positive contribution to the Chamber’s work!

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