Jie Li – running for At-Large Member

I am Jie LI, Executive Vice President for Government Affairs and Alliance Office at Jaguar Land Rover (China) Limited. Up to date, I have gathered experiences of 17 years in government affairs on ground in China. I am running for the ExCom again for the following two reasons: 1. JLR is the biggest auto manufacturer in the UK, one, if not THE, biggest exporter from the UK to China, operates a full-fledged auto manufacturing site in China. As such it should take the responsibility to play an active role in advocacy for a more friendly business environment for investors from the UK. 2. We are in a critical time caused by the covid-19 and facing disruption in the economic life and political mistrust cross countries. I am sure with my experiences and connections I can provide great support to the British Chamber in handling these challenges.

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