How a Leading UK University is Successfully Developing Partnerships in China

2017, September 13
How a Leading UK University is Successfully Developing Partnerships in China 13th September 2017

As a Russell Group University, the University of Exeter is a highly respected leading research institution in Britain. The University recognised CBBC as experts in China and used Launchpad to enhance partnerships with research-intensive institutions in China. CBBC’s Launchpad scheme has created a cost-effective solution for the University, with bilingual representatives in CBBC offices in Beijing and Shanghai.

The representatives employed by CBBC are all local education experts who are able to draw upon a wide range of CBBC resources. The Launchpad scheme has meant that the University has avoided many of the typical legal and HR issues that an organisation would encounter when establishing a presence in China.

Since joining Launchpad, the University of Exeter has developed effective relationships with prestigious local universities such as Tsinghua University in Beijing and Fudan University in Shanghai. One example of the ability of Launchpad staff to utilise the resources of CBBC to enhance the University’s relationships came when it held a joint conference on takeover law with Tsinghua University.

For the event which was held in Beijing, the University of Exeter used CBBC to promote the event to key contacts in the Beijing legal community. As Richard Foord, Deputy Head of the International Partnerships at the University of Exeter stated after the event: “We have reached a larger audience through CBBC’s network, in order to enhance the University’s engagement with practitioners, prestigious universities and the public”.

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