Legal Counsel

2022, February 28
Legal Counsel 28th February 2022

Our Company


AppInChina is a leading publisher of international software in China, publishing over 300 of the world’s most popular apps and SaaS platforms in the Chinese market.



Job Description


You’ll be responsible for overseeing all aspects of our company’s legal compliance, helping us to ensure that our clients’ 300+ apps and SaaS platforms are published and operated in full compliance with Chinese law. You’ll be working at the cutting edge of China’s tech industry, communicating with many of the world’s largest companies and leading law firms.


You’ll be reporting directly to our CEO and working closely with our Chief Operating Officer and other department heads.


Key Responsibilities


– Regulatory Compliance: ensuring that we are operating in full compliance with Chinese law for all of the 300+ apps and SaaS platforms that we publish. This includes the licenses that our company must hold, specific licenses that have to be obtained for each software that we publish, and operational compliance related to hosting, content, security, and data transfer.


– Internal Compliance: maintaining internal procedures and best practices within our company in order to ensure both regulatory compliance and compliance with each of our client agreements.


– Contract Review: maintaining and improving our contract templates, as well as reviewing any changes that may be requested by our clients.


– Product Development: providing input to our Engineering and Operations teams, enabling them to identify or build the right products and services to address new regulatory and compliance requirements.


– Information Sharing: working with our Marketing, Sales and Operations teams to share the latest compliance information with our clients and potential clients.



What will you bring to our team?


Essential Skills


– Native-level Chinese language and fluent English

– Excellent communication skills and a high level of attention to detail

– Strong track record of academic and/or business success

– 4 to 7 years’ legal experience

– Practical experience in  TMT, Data, and/or Cybersecurity

– Strong work ethic with an entrepreneurial and resilient mind-set

– Logical thinking and a love of learning, enabling you to continuously improve your skill set and adapt to a rapidly changing industry


Preferred Skills


– PRC Bar (已经通过国家司法考试)





– CNY 40,000 to 60,000 gross base salary, plus social insurance and housing fund payments based upon your pre-tax salary

– 20 days paid annual leave, plus national holidays

– Gold Card membership at Trainyard 炼·工场 Gym

– Good work-life balance and flexible working hours

– An amazing office space in China World Tower B in the centre of Guomao

– A fast-paced learning environment in which you’ll enjoy a high degree of autonomy in your work and have the opportunity to develop expertise across a wide range of services and client types

– An exciting entrepreneurial environment within an internationally diverse team at an established, profitable and rapidly growing company



How to apply?


Please upload your English language CV here:



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