Managing Director

2022, August 2
Managing Director 2nd August 2022

The British Chamber of Commerce in China is a membership organisation that provides advocacy, business support and networking opportunities for British businesses in China. We operate as an independent, not-for-profit organisation with a strong and diverse membership.

For 40 years we have supported British businesses succeeding across China. We advocate for the best possible market environment and are at the heart of the British business community.

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Major Role Responsibilities


  • Work with chair, officers & executive committee to define priorities for Chamber and develop a strategy for their implementation
  • Management of Chamber team; recruit and retain staff, set clear targets and regularly monitor performance and progress
  • Overall responsibility for BCCC’s financial situation; preparing budget, monitoring monthly accounts and ensuring operational success in hitting targets
  • Expand membership; grow new member recruitment, actively target new members and ensure appropriate materials & messaging
  • Oversee a diverse events programme that engages members with regular and engaging events including social/networking, content-driven and
  • Manage and maintain relationship with key stakeholders.
  • Play a leading role in relationship building and management with members, especially premium members.
  • Play a high-profile external-facing role as the “face” of the Chamber –representing the Chamber’s views to media and government
  • Cultivate media relationships and develop media strategy which serves the Chamber’s overall goals


Goals of the role:


  • Protect and build our core service offerings
  • Enhance our influence and advocacy
  • Deliver on-budget financial performance
  • Improve membership offering and increase overall membership
  • Manage a sustainable events, communications and marketing programme
  • Ensure robust governance and good management
  • Maintain sound financial management
  • Pioneer our path to new customers and products
  • Diversify to enhance our value to members and build a sustainable, diverse service platform


What do we need from you?

Essential skills:

  • Fluency in English is essential and Chinese language skills highly desirable
  • 8 – 10 years of experience in driving business development and sales results
  • Degree-level education or above


Desirable characteristics of ideal candidate:

  • Energy, enthusiasm and resilience
  • A track record in building key relationships which have generated revenue on a sustainable basis.
  • Good understanding of UK-China relations
  • Previous government engagement experience
  • Public speaking and media experience
  • Leadership and management skills and experience – plan strategically with the ability to work practically
  • High level of integrity and emotional intelligence
  • Proactive and problem-solving skills
  • An enterprising and entrepreneurial nature
  • Multi-tasking, prioritisation and time management skills are essential
  • Ability and confidence to navigate and negotiate with multiple partners and stakeholders at senior level and experience of working in complex multi-partner environments
  • Experience working to and exceeding targets
  • Excellent communication and stakeholder management skills
  • Strong work ethic and resilience in the face of challenges
  • Ability to thrive under a fast-paced work environment
  • Experience working to and exceeding targets


What can we offer?

  • Competitive salary
  • 30 days holiday per year, plus national holidays
  • Health insurance
  • An incredible office in the CBD
  • Free gym access to the Trainyard – in Hotel Jen
  • Working daily with the senior leadership of British businesses and government


Reporting to:

  • Chair of BCCC


  • Applications reviewed and shortlist of five applicants created – End of August
  • 30-minute interviews with shortlisted candidates – September
  • Three applicants undertake a 60-minute interview with the hiring committee presenting a 5 year plan for the Chamber covering: Strategy and Vision & Financial and Operational Management. – September
  • Three references contacted on both professional performance and personal attributes


Interested candidates are invited to send a comprehensive cover letter, CV and salary expectation to by 9th September.


Outgoing Managing Director, Steven Lynch:

‘This is an incredible opportunity, as in this role you can make a genuine impact on the UK – China relationship to which I hope you will fight for the British business community in China especially during this challenging times. It was a real honour and a privilege to serve this passionate and purposeful community.’

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