Marketing & Business Development Officer 市场及发展专员/主管

2023, February 13
Marketing & Business Development Officer 市场及发展专员/主管 13th February 2023

Company Profile

The Duke of Edinburgh’s  International Award China (the Award in China) is the official representative and exclusively licensed entity of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation to operate in mainland China.


Our long-term ambition is for all young people in China, regardless of their ability or experience, to have the opportunity to participate in The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.

Our vision is to encourage every 14-24-year-old to learn new skills, get physically active, and volunteer within their communities to make a positive contribution to a harmonious society.


Summary of Role

This role will be responsible to formulate and implement branding & marketing strategies of the Award in China, as well as develop partnerships and maintain excellent relationships with our supporters from multiple sectors.

Working closely with the Operations and Licensing & Compliance colleagues, this role will be accountable for building and maintaining the good reputation of the Award in China, as well as leading our annual events and activities. This role will also be working with the International Award Foundation and other National Award Operators on global campaigns and research to champion the values and impact of the Award.


Key Responsibilities

Marketing and Research

  • Formulate and implement branding & marketing strategy of the Award in China.
  • Promote impact of the Award Utilizing materials from our delivery network.
  • Demonstrate values of the Award together with universities and employers.
  • Produce annual reports and promotion materials of the Award in China.
  • Take part in global campaigns and research, e.g., social value report.


Business Development

  • Develop and maintain good relationships with National and Strategic partners, as well as our delivery partners within education and other suitable industries.
  • Identify suitable Corporate and Individual Supporters, utilizing resources for under-privileged youth to take part in the Award.



Events and activities

  • Lead and organize events and activities. E.g., Annual Conference and Award Ceremony, Supporters Gala etc. to champion achievements of NAO, our supporters and partners.
  • Undertake any other duties as required for the successful delivery of national objectives.


Education and Experience

  • 3-5 years of experience in a marketing & BD capacity with proven track record
  • Bachelor’s degree preferably in business or related.


Skills, Knowledge and Required Competencies

  • High English proficiency in international work environment.
  • Proficient use of Microsoft Office products.
  • Highly detail-oriented and strong organizational skills with an ability to multitask.
  • Works well in a team environment in a hybrid mode.
  • Willing to take on projects and complete in a timely manner.
  • Strong communication skills.

Please kindly send your CV and cover letter to

Interviews will be arranged for suitable candidates.


爱丁堡公爵国际奖由英国爱丁堡公爵及德国教育家库尔特 汉恩于1956年创建,是全球领先的青年成就奖,目前在全球130多个国家和地区广泛开展并获得高度认可。




集团子公司北京英特沃国际文化发展有限公司负责爱丁堡公爵国际奖在中国内地的To B事务:许可授权,导师培训,运营支持,质量评估和奖项评审;目前已有超过150家国际化学校、青少年组织和专业服务机构加入了爱奖执行伙伴体系。


集团子公司上海英特沃文化科技发展有限公司作为国家级奖项执行中心,负责爱丁堡公爵国际奖To C事务,主要开展VIP级别的直接服务。





官方网站 官方微信 DofEChina. 有应聘意向者,请发送简历和针对相关岗位的应征信(均为必要条件,缺一不予考虑)到


3 职责概述





4 主要职责

4.1 推广与研究

  • 参与制定并实施奖项在中国的品牌和市场策略
  • 使用奖项执行网络中的素材,提高奖项的影响力
  • 与学校和雇主一起展示该奖项的价值
  • 制作年度报告以及爱奖在中国的宣传材料
  • 参与全球研究,例如社会价值报告

4.2 业务发展

  • 与合作及执行伙伴建立并保持良好的关系
  • 发展合适的支持方以促进奖项参与者的多元化


4.3 事件和活动

  • 负责年会及典礼等活动以表彰合作伙伴的成就
  • 承担成功实现目标所需的任何其他职责


5 任职资格

5.1       教育背景和工作经验

  • 市场营销等商科或相关专业本科学历
  • 3-5年的市场和商务拓展经验和良好的业绩


5.2 技能、知识和所需能力

  • 精通国际工作环境中的英语,包括书面和口语
  • 熟练使用Microsoft Office产品
  • 注重细节,逻辑严谨,能同时处理多项任务
  • 愿意承担项目并及时完成
  • 较强的沟通能力

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