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2018, January 19
Cocoon Networks 2018-01-19

Cocoon Networks is the first Chinese capital backed international platform that specialised in venture capital investment, technology transfer, and financial consultancy. Having the London-based headquarter and offices in four major cities of China, Cocoon Networks is a bridge and trustworthy partner to make great business happen between China and the Europe. Under the Cocoon Networks group, there is a full suite of support spanning: venture capital investment, financial consultant, entrepreneurial community, funds, transnational spaces, accelerators and IP management.

Cocoon Networks总部位于英国伦敦科技城,专注于企业孵化与加速、股权投资、知识产权转化、科技金融咨询等领域的跨境创新平台。作为中欧最大金融與科技创新中心,科控着眼中国产业创新发展壮大需求,力求通过扎根英国本土的优势,以此为依托,承载世界前沿尖端技术与资源,连接中欧产业链上传统与新兴的力量,通过环境与文化相互融合下的效益与价值,催化并创造的新兴品牌与技术。科控解决中英跨境投资的痛点,提供投资人接触欧洲前沿科技,跨足欧洲投资市场的桥头堡,成为中国企业迈向国际化的一大步。

UK Address
4 Christopher Street, London EC2A 2BS

China Address 
68th Floor Shanghai World Financial Centre 100 Century Avenue, Shanghai

Eric Huang
Marketing Executive
Tel: +44 (0) 20 3179 8108

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