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2018, January 19
GP Bullhound LLP 19th January 2018

GP Bullhound is a tech focused investment bank with offices in London, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Manchester, San Francisco and Hong Kong. We advise on around 25-30 deals per year with a mix of M&A and fund raisings. We have completed the sale of three European tech companies to China in the last years (Rightware in automotive software, the audio company Libratone and the computer gaming company Splash Damage)

Our passion for technology, our financial acumen and our understanding of the entrepreneur’s journey differentiate our advice from other investment banks.

We help exceptional people build exceptional businesses to create more billion-dollar technology companies across Europe.


We act as a trusted partner to entrepreneurs and investors planning to sell their businesses or build by acquisition. Since inception in 1999 we have completed over 230 transactions with category leaders in the technology sector globally.
More than half of our deals deliver a cross-border solution.
Our offices across the globe allow us to provide expert and experienced, local service to clients as well as market leading access to technology consolidators across the globe.


In the last 17 years we have built up a unique, global set of relationships with investors who, like us, are passionate about technology.
We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships, and we work with our clients from growth equity fundraising, through debt restructuring, secondary fundraising and towards liquidity via trade sale or IPO.


GP Bullhound Asset Management is our independent investment arm. It currently manages three funds, investing in high-potential and fast growing European technology businesses, from early stage to pre-IPO.

GP Bullhound是欧洲一家专注于科技行业的投资银行,在英国、美国、瑞典、德国、法国、西班牙、中国都有子公司;GP Bullhound Asset Management是我们的投资部门,目前管理着三个基金,投资于有高潜力和快速增长的欧洲技术企业,多数为早期及上市前的投资。我们在欧洲的科技圈有丰富的人脉和资源,每年在并购和融资方面做成的交易有25-30单,从业务量来说,是欧洲乃至全球第一的科技金融服务专家。
我们在积极拓展中国区业务,主要是看到国内中型科技公司对海外标的日益增长的需求,但是本土投行缺乏标的资源,而外资大投行收费昂贵甚至看不上其交易规模,导致很多科技公司的海外扩张受阻。我们希望能跟中国有意在欧洲进行海外并购的公司和基金接上线,介绍我们公司以及标的资源。我们近年促成了数家欧洲科技公司与中国公司的交易,标的包括智能汽车软件领域的Rightware、音响电子领域的Libratone、以及PC游戏公司Splash Damage。

UK Address
52 Jermyn Street London SW1Y 6LX England, UK

China Address 
Level 6, Champion Tower 3 Garden Road, Central Hong Kong
Additional Locations in UK1 New York St Manchester M1 4HD England, UK

Richard Bi
Associate Analyst
Tel: +44-(0)-7918-657733

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