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2018, January 19
Electronic Media Services Ltd 19th January 2018

Established in 1995 EMS Ltd helps organisations create effective e-business systems


<p>Electronic Media Services is an IT consultancy, a provider of managed (cloud) services and a data communications specialist. Our experienced consultants can help with all phases of your IT project from system planning, bespoke application development, web design, implementation, infrastructure management and hosting either in our private cloud or in with a public cloud provider like Amazon or Microsoft.</p>
<p>Working with our telecom partners and using our own Optibond technology we can provide highly resilient WAN links between UK and China offices. We can help with Content Delivery and caching in China to improve the performance and accessibility of your website or e-commerce platform.</p>
<p>Our range of managed services reduces cost and enables the rapid deployment of new products and services or the opening of new offices in the UK or China. </p>
<p>We also provide domain name registration, web and software development, e-commerce, content management systems, web analytics and SEO services.</p>

EMS 是一家同时提供IT咨询,云端托管服务和数据通讯接入的专业公司。 我们拥有业界最经验丰富的顾问,来为您的IT项目提供全方位解决方案, 涵盖系统计划,定制应用开发,互联网设计和实施,基础设施管理,以及基于我们私有云或是亚马逊,微软等公有云的全托管服务。

运用专属的优联技术和于电信伙伴的密切合作, 我们为您中英之间的业务数据链接需求提供高度灵活可靠的广域网接入方案。通过优化于中国的内容派送和缓冲,您的网站和电商平台的性能和响应级别将获得大幅提高。



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Passfield Business Centre, Lynchborough Road, Liphook, Hampshire, GU30 7SB, UK

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Andrew Lambert
Tel: +44 (0)1428751655
Fax:+44 1428751654

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