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2018, January 25
LinksEast Co Ltd 25th January 2018

LinksEast Ltd was founded with the intention of enabling increased communications and trade between firms in East of England and China.

In particular LinksEast is establishing and improving the profile between East of England and China in Food/Drink/Agriculture in exports.

Within an increasingly complicated market place of trading internationally, post referendum and continued negotiations over Brexit, LinksEast clarifies and offers a distinctive, fully integrated communications service to its clients in East of England.

LinksEast’s’ ‘point of difference’ comes from the enthusiasm to share knowledge and keep local firms up to date on trade figures, events and visiting Chinese Delegations.  One example is that each business sector is invited to a round table discussion at the House of Lords to understand the business needs and requirements of local companies. Visiting delegation from China and the Chinese Embassy are also invited, and collectively, a picture and strategy can be designed from the output of these discussions, enabling first phase progression for possible trade between the UK and China.

To complement these forums of discussion at the House of Lords and to continue with the initiative, further events are hosted in key venues in the East of England to facilitate the forward movement of ‘self-help’ for local firms.  This assists with building SME’s profile, before embarking on exporting.

This process enables regional businesses to fast track through effective links to trade with China. We liaise closely with the China-Britain Business Council, Department of International Trade and Visit Britain on achieving this aim.

It is the intention of LinksEast to become a ‘house of brands’ by creating and building a digital platform and on-line store to offer the East of England a Food, Drink and Agriculture shopping window to profile this region in exports and to promote tourism in this region to China.

LinksEast also offer comprehensive advice on Chinese protocol and practical advice on business meetings, communications and social etiquette along with useful links and simple phrases.



特别是 东联正在建立和提高英格兰东部与中国在食品,饮料和农业领域的出口。







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