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2018, January 19
Digital Alchemist Consulting Services 19th January 2018

Digital Alchemist Consulting Services & Digital Leaders China

Digital Alchemist Consulting Services International Ltd
Offers premier enterprise-wide digital business transformation and turnaround services that focus on 4.0+ Digital Operational Excellence, Intelligent Operations Management, Supply Chain, 4.0+Procurement, Category Management & Sourcing Excellence, Change Management, Customer Experience and Corporate Governance solutions. These solutions are tailored to the needs of your customers your business.
We work with and support clients who are global leaders in the utilities, technology, telecommunications & media, oil & gas, and food industries, as well as the public sector. We operate in North America, Europe and Asia, where we have also supported the establishment of manufacturing and sourcing facilities in China, India & Russia.
We are also the strategic partners for Digital Leaders Canada and China as part of the Global Digital Leaders Platform.
The Digital Alchemist Consulting Services International team has been associated with China for 30+ years and has had a sustained operating presence in China since 1999 providing consulting and services to some of China’s largest companies which include Huawei and Accenture China.
The objective of this Digital Leaders Canada and China partnership is to actively promote collaboration between Canada, China and the UK. This partnership positively responds to the growth opportunities presented to our countries in a post-Brexit and OBOR economic environment. It will also support the acceleration of a digital culture so that the countries can capture the opportunities which emanate from Business 4.0+ and the digital disruption business climate.
Digital Leaders Canada and China will focus on building a digital and physical ecosystem for companies in Canada, China and the UK to connect with each other and to develop their strategic and operational digital capabilities.

数码炼金术士咨询服务国际有限公司 ( ) 致力于提供首屈一指的企业级数字转型和业务活化服务,主要在 4.0+ 卓越数字运营、智能运营管理、供应链、4.0+ 采购、类别管理和采购优化、转型管理、客户体验及公司治理等各方面,根据客户的个别需求为他们量身定制各种解决方案。
除此之外,我们也是 Digital Leaders Canada 和 Digital Leaders China 的战略合作伙伴,是全球数字技术领导者平台的重要一员。
数码炼金术士咨询服务的专业团队在中国业务方面拥有超过 30 年丰富经验,自 1999 年以来一直在中国市场有不少业务,为内地其中一些大型企业公司提供咨询服务,包括华为和埃森哲。
通过与 Digital Leaders Canada 和 Digital Leaders China 建立伙伴关系,公司旨在积极推动加拿大、中国和英国三大国家之间的紧密合作。「英国脱欧」加上「一带一路」出台,为这些国家提供不少增长机遇,而这个合作伙伴关系正好确保各方都能在这种经济环境下受惠。此外,它也能加快数字技术文化的发展,让各国能够抓住商业 4.0+ 及数字技术营商环境所带来的重要机遇。
Digital Leaders Canada 和 Digital Leaders China 将专注于为加拿大、中国和英国的企业公司建立数字和实体营商系统,使三地能够更好地相互联系,共同开发战略和拓展数字运营能力。

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Providing transformation consulting services to clients with combined global revenues of $400 million.

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