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2018, January 25
Geocast TV Ltd 25th January 2018

a hardworking, honest London based production company that produce great content for some amazing clients.

<p>Film production is the foundation of what we do. We make great content, either on location or right out of a studio. Our friendly production team will be with you every step of the way from pre-production through to filming and the post-production editing process.<br />
Having a great film is one thing, getting it watched by the right audience is a whole different game. Getting content watched by targeted audiences has been at the core of what we do since the beginning of time!<br />
Video should be a big part of any online campaign these days but understanding how it all fits together can be a bit of a conundrum! We work closely with brands to make sure that everything is measurable and has a clear definable goal.</p>

<p>杰傲影视是一家基于电影视频制作为主要运营业务的创意媒体公司。我们曾服务于众多英国本土与国际知名品牌,特别是在旅游业,时尚品牌和服务领域有着非常丰富的品牌策划经验。我们以最前瞻的思维和眼界为客户打造品牌的新境界,专业的中英文团队将为客户提供全方位的品牌设计,视频制作,市场营销服务,最终帮助客户达到所需要的目标群众。<br />
优秀的视频质量是我们的核心,但是更重要的是能够为客户带来更多的品牌效应,受众于准确的目标客户群。<br />

UK Address
Pump House 10 Chapel Place, London, EC2A 3DQ

Kirk Friis 柯理克弗瑞斯
Director 常务董事
Tel: 0203 384 6674

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