New Chapters

2018, January 25
New Chapters 25th January 2018


New Chapters specialises in bespoke life skill development programmes for Chinese individuals and families. We take the traditions for which Britain is famous all over the world and use them to create programmes that enable you to learn about our culture and have fun!

We go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that you have privileged access to people and places, resulting in an experience which is engaging, immersive and first-class.

Our programmes are geared to help you learn and build your confidence. To nurture team-working and leadership and ultimately to deliver a strong sense of personal achievement.

Building on our experience, the New Chapters Club is for Chinese students and young professionals in London. As the name indicates it is for those starting a new chapter of their life in London. A club to meet others similar to oneself and together enjoy exploring the richness of British culture.






基于我们的独特经验,我们创办了New Chapters Club,为在伦敦学习和工作的中国人搭建了更好的平台。正如我们的名字所示,我们俱乐部的创办初衷就是为了即将在伦敦开启人生新篇章的他们。在俱乐部里他们可以结识北京相似的人,并共同享受英伦文化带来的无穷乐趣。

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UK Address
6 Pembroke Road, Kensington, London, W8 6NT, UK

Esther Leong 梁宝英
Founding Director 创始人
Tel: +44 20 7602 5027 / +86 185 1024 0658

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