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2018, January 25
Breeze Creatives 25th January 2018

Breeze Creatives is a contemporary visual arts organisation based in the North East, Breeze Creatives’ dedication and passion towards the development of new sustainable approaches is driven by the ambition present in Abject and Abject 2 galleries, alongside commissioning and supporting artists with space, facilities and exhibition opportunities as well as funds to help realise exciting new ideas.

Abject Gallery is primarily focused on exhibiting works by contemporary visual artists from outside the UK, while Abject 2 is devoted to developing a critically engaged exhibition programme by visual artists based within the UK.

To further expand the substance of our exhibition programme Breeze Creatives have hosted a number of curated exhibitions and have created an open-call residency programme, this selection method ensures the widest possible reach. The Experimental Studio provides artists with the best possible conditions, providing well-resourced opportunities and commissions.

Breeze Creatives are investing in the cultural landscape of the North East, championing new ideas and approaches, presenting pioneering exhibitions and nurturing artists to help them to produce critically engaged work that is paramount to the development and existence of the visual arts in our society.


UK Address
Bamburgh House, Market Street East, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6BH

Daniel Gibson
Tel: 0191 673 0098

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