2018, January 25

Croud ​is ​a ​global digital ​marketing ​agency, with ​offices ​in ​the ​UK, ​US, ​and ​Australia. ​Set ​up originally ​as ​a ​specialised ​paid ​search ​agency, ​we now ​cover ​all ​digital ​marketing ​channels, ​including SEO, content, ​paid ​social, ​programmatic, creative ​and ​analytics.

Our ​unique ​model ​combines ​our ​proprietary technology Croud Control, ​a ​global ​network ​of ​rigorously-selected digital ​experts ​- Croudies ​- ​and ​in-house ​talent, ​to give ​clients ​a ​flexible, ​best-in-class ​solution ​to ​their business ​needs.

We ​are ​Google’s ​top-performing ​independent digital ​agency for paid search in the UK, ​leading ​the ​way ​in ​six ​out ​of ​eight categories, including data-driven attribution and creative excellence. ​We ​operate ​in ​107 ​markets ​and ​27 languages, ​servicing ​clients such as ​DKNY, ​Regus, Hiscox ​and ​Victoria’s ​Secret.

Croud’s specialist China team is made up of more than 50 in-house and local Chinese marketing experts, with extensive Baidu and WeChat experience. Having a network of Croudies across Hong Kong, Taiwan and mainland China means that Croud is able to offer in-depth local market insight and the latest localisation solution. This has driven impressive results for our clients in the Chinese market, including Regus, The Cambridge Satchel Company, London School of Economics, Michael Page and Net-A-Porter. Croud’s China team is also at the forefront of innovation in the market, having tested and optimised over 40 Chinese publisher-specific features in the last nine months alone.


Croud拥有独特的经营模式和技术核心Croud Control。通过Croud Control这个平台,我们集结了覆盖全球的数字营销专家组成了Croudie Network。这些经过严格测试和挑选的数字营销专家也被称之为Croudie。Croudie Network与Croud内部的专业人才一起,为客户提供灵活的,一流的数字营销解决方案,满足他们的业务需求。

Croud还是Google在英国付费搜索服务表现最好的独立数字代理商,在以数据为驱动的归因模型,以及卓越创意等六个评选类目中遥遥领先于其他的代理商。我们的数字营销版图触及全球107个国家,涵盖27种不同的语言,同时为多个国际知名品牌,包括DKNY, 雷格斯, Hiscox 和维多利亚的秘密提供服务。

Croud中国团队由50多位内部和本地的中英双语数字营销精英组成,在中国搜索引擎以及社交媒体营销平台拥有广泛的经验。依赖着这个连接了中国大陆,香港和台湾的Croudie网络,我们能够提供深入的市场洞察和极具时效性的本土化数字运营方案。这为我们的客户在中国市场带来了令人印象深刻的成果,其中包括雷格斯、剑桥书包公司、伦敦政治经济学院、米高蒲志和Net-A-Porter。Croud中国团队也处于市场创新的前沿,积极帮助品牌在残酷的本土化竞争中脱颖而出 – 仅在过去九个月中我们就测试和优化了40多个中国数字平台中的特定功能,为客户们带去了意想不到的效益。

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