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2018, January 25
GB Times Media Ltd 25th January 2018

<p><strong>Sino background information</strong></p>

<p>Sino is the leading English language network, bringing China and the UK closer together with an engaging entertainment mix of; TV series, films, animation, documentaries and live interviews across its network on TV, Radio, Digital, mobile and Social Media.</p>

<p>As part of GBTIMES; Europe&rsquo;s largest Chinese focused media company, it is also able to source and deliver a deep knowledge and understanding of China, its people, culture and lifestyle</p>

<p>Its aim? To inspire its audience to take their first steps on the road to China.</p>

<p><em>It is simply, where East meets West.</em></p>

<p>SINO&rsquo;S Offices are 4 Ingate Place, London, SW8 3NS</p>

<p>CEO IS Mark Dodd</p>

<p><strong>Information</strong><br />
Sino is operated by GBTIMES MEDIA LTD<br />
Company number 8388024<br />
VAT 155 4522 16</p>

<p><strong>Sino TV press release. 19<sup>th</sup> October.</strong></p>

<p>In the week of China&rsquo;s President Xi Jinping&rsquo;s state visit to the UK, Sino, the UK&rsquo;s newest TV and radio station has launched on Freeview, channel 244. Sino&rsquo;s sister radio station launched recently in London, on Spectrum DAB.</p>

<p>Both are dedicated to Sino-UK matters covering; culture, travel, cooking, entertainment and business. Sino is where east meets west, in what David Cameron describes as the UK&rsquo;s the new &ldquo;golden era&rdquo; with China.</p>


<p>Sino is the leading English language media platform, dedicated to improving Chinese and UK understanding, through engaging and entertaining TV and radio. Its aim is to be the No1 source of knowledge on China and to inspire its audience to take a greater interest in travelling to, or working with China. It is where East meets West.</p>


UK Address
4 Ingate place London SW8 3NS

Additional Locations in UK4 Ingate Place, London SW8 3NS

Mark Dodd
CEO Gbtimes Media/Sino
Tel: +44 (0)20 7501 1525

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