Celsom Cultural Development Co., Ltd

2019, July 8
Celsom Cultural Development Co., Ltd 8th July 2019

Since 1999, we have been preparing outstanding boys and girls from China for placement at leading British schools, notably Harrow and St Mary’s Calne, and we vet all applicants to Harrow in every aspect of their suitability.

In all, we have successfully placed almost three-hundred students from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and the United States in U.K. schools, almost all of whom managed to enter the top-five British universities. It is worth mentioning that five of our students got into Oxford, three into Cambridge, eight went to Imperial College, six to LSE, and seven to UCL. They all have their own unique developing path to success with different experiences. We are very proud of their achievements.


B4-401 Kangbao Garden,
8 Gongti East Road,
Chaoyang District,
P.R. China,


Tel: +44 2035097052
Email: josyzhao@celsom.com.cn

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