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2017, December 18
CRCC Asia Ltd 18th December 2017

CRCC Asia specialises in connecting China and the global community through internships, study abroad programs and consulting services. As the leading internship provider in China we are partnered with a variety companies in major cities to provide students and graduates the opportunity to further their personal and professional development in a dynamic international setting. Our award-winning programs run for 1, 2, and 3 months throughout the year across the most exciting international industry sectors in China. The wealth of skills and knowledge gained from our overseas work experience programs places students well above the competition in career job placement.


CRCC Asia (士亚商务咨询公司) 致力于开设海外实习生项目,游学项目及商务咨询业务,并将其作为纽带使中国与国际接轨。作为顶尖实习生项目中介,我们与大城市各类公司合作,在国际化的商 务环境中,为在读学生和应届毕业生提供更好的个人与专业发展机会。在中国各大最先进的国际公司内,常年开设1个月,2个月或者3个月的精 品实习项目。海外的实习经验让我们的实习生在未来的人才市场竞争中更胜一筹。


UK Address
154 Bishopsgate London EC2M 4LN

China Address 
609, 1 Kunsha Center, Chaoyang, Beijing 100027

609, 1 Kunsha Center, Chaoyang, Beijing 100027

Additional Locations in ChinaShanghai: Room 1111, No. 1 Huaihai Middle Road, Shanghai, PRC; Shenzhen: 3002 Metropolitan Heights, 3018 Shennan Middle Road, Huaqiang Area, Futian, Shenzhen 518031; Hong Kong: Rms. 10-11, Unit 2 7/F, Kiu Kin Mansion, 566 Nathan Road, Mongkok, Kowloon Hon

Additional Locations in China (Chinese):中国上海黄浦区淮海中路1号柳林大厦11楼1111室;深圳市福田区华强北深南中路3018号都会轩大厦3002室

Edward Pitcher
Beijing General Manager
Tel: +86010 8468 3779

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